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    1. Eoin

      The business is actually Rcoaster.ie Limited based in Galway, owned by Anne O’Connor and John Feeley. It only publishes abbreviated accounts, but they’re reasonably healthy looking. It made a net profit after tax of €29k in 2017, and that was after paying €56k to the directors. How much are its annual sales? The accounts don’t say but more than €85k (29+56) obviously. It had net assets of nearly €250k in 2017 including €200k of cash, having been in business for 17 years. It’s not Facebook, but its accounts suggest it’s a tidy little business.

      It’s ranked as the #1680 most visited site in Ireland. I’d say DMGT will be paying north of €250k for the site alone with a contract for services with the two owners on top of that, but that’s just a guess and there hasn’t been any announcement from publicly quoted DMGT which owns the Mail. DMGT has annual revenues of €1.5 billion and profit of €0.2 billion, so this isn’t a big deal for it.

      There is likely to be a trend for big publishers seeking out niche digital platforms in 2019. Expect more similar deals.

      Separately altogether, BS is #532 most visited site in Ireland. [John, Olga, Niall, Karl, Larry and Photocall all scurry to find a fuppin calculator….and 3,2,1….we’re millionaires! Paper millionaires obviously, but still]

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