For Those About To Awk


Ah, ’80s rock: the glam, the hair, the chlamydia.

Manowar (pics 3 & 4) we know, but can you name those other poodles?

From top: Tunnel Of Love; Vepri Suicida (Wild Boar’s Suicide) (thanks spudnik); Manowar (x2); Satan only knows (x2); Rhapsody Of Fire; Shotgun Messiah; Night Jamming Band and Stryper (thanks Cuilleog).


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26 thoughts on “For Those About To Awk

  1. cuilleog

    You’ve GOT to tell us who some of these jokers are. Manowar I recognised, and the last ojnes might have been Stryper? What about the others?

    1. Steph Pinker

      Ditto, millie. They always make me laugh, to the point whereby I question myself and the basic level of amusement I subject myself to – notwithstanding their brilliance, of course!

      More to the point, where are they now and what do they look like?

  2. Frilly Keane

    is that “No Sweat” there
    5 down

    the good ol’ days

    when hair was proper

    none’ah this man bun or geometric carvings nonsense

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I had to do a double take on that one because they all look like they could have been me in my grad picture.

      1. cuilleog

        It looks more like an evening out for No Sweat’s Ma’s. Especially 2nd from left. Is that a dress?

    2. SOQ

      Errr proper? There’s a hole in the ozone layer from the hairspray alone. And then the bloody poodle perms, and the backcombing, and more slap than Panti Bliss.

    1. Itchysays

      He doesn’t actually……Charles was bassist for the band Assassin : factually correct story.

  3. cuilleog

    I think the lads with the swords might be Helloween? There’s no way any of these pictures are “No Sweat” (they were very denim-friendly, not chaps or spandex)

  4. Scundered

    The odd ones out must surely be Stryper being a christian rock band. Their niche market in the day sealed them a fortune.

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