Meanwhile, At The High Court



This morning.

Denis O’Brien arrives at the High Courtn to continue giving evidence in a defamation action against The Sunday Business Post.

Mr O’Brien’s lawyers told the jury they should award Mr O’Brien “substantial damages to reflect the seriousness of allegations made” in a number of articles in the newspaper almost four years which gave details of a 2008 report by accountants PwC into Ireland’s banks.



Mr [Michael] McDowell SC asked Mr O’Brien to point out where the articles suggested that he personally was responsible for any wrongdoing.

He quoted the Carly Simon song “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you,” and suggested it applied to Mr O’Brien who seemed to think people would believe everything in the articles referred to him.

Mr O’Brien said he was not aware Mr McDowell was a music buff, to which Mr McDowell replied that he was a great fan of music station 98FM.

Denis O’Brien denies he is ‘self-obsessed’ in his view of SBP articles (RTÉ)

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23 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The High Court

  1. phil

    Jez , I hope he dont find out what me an the lads down at the pubs were saying about him the other night … One of the lads thinks we are safe as he would argue that you cant defend your ‘good name’ if you didnt have one to begin with…

  2. Johnny

    I post or write a bit on Digicel (not obesesssed,I’m not,I’m not…),but it’s safely from free speech land-the good ole USA.
    I stopped reading the SBP a while back,but never came across anything ‘hard hitting’ or investigate-very odd case.
    Anyway good luck to x govt hack and intern ed at SBP Emmet Oliver.
    It’s bizzare that a rep from a private hospital owned by Dennis O’Brien sits on the new hospital board,yet no union reps are on it or 13th man,plenty semi-retired or older Irish developers around too !

    -ps omg the third pic :)

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah now
      they all can’t be as fit and handsome as you Johnny H
      with yer vegan ways and yer bi-coastal what-have ya

      1. Johnny

        McDowell arguing in the high court utilized “your so vain” in his opening argument,ah now Michael…
        Good health is priceless,money can’t buy it,so it’s always a surprise see someone with access to healthy food,exercise let themselves go like that.
        That whole “look” is very concerning to bond holders,it’s just so out dated and corpulent,reeks off gout,bad food choices and no exercise.
        I’m absolutely selfish about my exercise and diet,obnoxious almost :)
        One reasons I like LA so much-is other people are just as vain and fake…..

    2. Eoin

      It’s a most peculiar legal case.

      Unusually (uniquely?) for Denis O’Brien, he’s suing the paper only and not the paper AND the journalist (Tom Lyons, towards whom there’s no love lost).

      The SBP defence appears ragged to me. Barrister Ml McDowell is doing a fine job no doubt based on the brief, but he seems to have one hand tied behind his back as he is just pursuing one line of defence. Presumably the SBP has libel insurance, because even if it wins this case, the unrecouped costs could wipe out its extremely marginal profit.

      It’s one to watch closely. I am so sorry to have missed the jury swearing in.

  3. postmanpat

    Anyone else hear the sounds of balloons rubbing against each other looking at Den trying to get out of that car?

    1. Paulus

      Very good; squeeeeek.
      And is that an S-class merc – the roof line looks very low?
      (Tis far from S-class mercs I was reared).

  4. Eoin

    From RTE yesterday

    “He said he first saw the paper on the day it was published as he left mass in Donnybrook.
    The man he bought the papers from showed him the Business Post and said “I see you’re in the paper “.
    He told the court he said to himself “how did they put me into this?”
    He said he visited his mother and father who opened the door and told him he was now being blamed for the banking crisis.”

    Mass, good Catholic, tick
    Sainted mammy and daddy, tick
    Everyone having a good word for him, chimney sweeps, newspaper sellers, tick

    It would bring a tear to a glass eye.

    1. johnny

      Maybe he ambled by that land deal he did with UCD in Donnybrook.Despite receiving vast amounts sate money,UCD simply refuses release any info on its land ‘swap’ with one its bigger donors.This could only happen in Ireland- why won’t UCD release ANY info on a very controversial land deal, ah yeah its commercially sensitive!
      O’Brien flipped it nice work if you can get it……

      “The more than three-acre site, close to UCD, was reportedly acquired by an O’Brien firm called Purleigh in 2010 via a land swap deal with the university. That is also thought to have involved the payment of €12.5m to the institution. It is not known what price Cairn has paid for the site.”

      Ps-enjoyed that Eoin,tks.

      1. Eoin

        Yes Johnny, the 3-acre UCD site is an interesting one. Surprised the publicly quoted Cairn didn’t reveal an acquisition price.

        Another interest development was the Aloft hotel in the Blackpitts which is being built by BAM, with which I understand Denis is quite pally. I do hope Denis didn’t see the construction price of the Aloft treble.

        1. johnny

          Oh look here’s another DOB development in Donnybrook,just as well he’s not in the real estate development game-huh:)
          -having a look at Carin’s public fillings but they may have had sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement).

          On his stroll back from church he must pass a lot of property that he owns/controls,the UCD ‘deal’ involved some type of contribution/donation and a land swap.Be interesting how it was all structured from a taxation perspective.
          For example was the donation/contribution (12.5 million) done in tax efficient manner,but if it was consideration for purchasing land…

          Despite getting millions in state support UCD has refused reveal ANY details on this transaction with one its major donors, backers and graduates.For a university that supports transparency the lack of it here on a major piece of prime land, that was flipped is staggering.

          “Planning permission has been sought for a new six-storey hotel in the heart of Donnybrook on a prime site associated with businessman Denis O’Brien.”

  5. Eoin

    From the Irish Times today

    ” he said the PwC report was “illegally obtained” and it was a criminal offence to have it. He said has never seen the report which, the jury has been told, was destroyed soon after the articles were published so as to protect the source.”

    Did anyone ask Tom Lyons if the report was provided on a USB stick (anonymously). Anyone at all?

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