9 thoughts on “Albert Memorial

    1. Andrew

      I just heard a beautiful interview with his close friend Tom Courtenay on BBC radio. I didn’t realise he turned down a knighthood.

  1. Not Pancho

    What magnificent thing? What magnificent thing? I’m all for Albert Finney but what does this bit of videogame-style violence have to do with his finest moments? Am I missing something or is the thing that I’m missing just the fact that I’m not a teenage boy? I see nothing in this scene; I hear Frank Patterson – which is deliberately, conspicuously incongruous, in the undergraduate film-maker style – but I see nothing in it. To reduce Albert Finney to this… I’m saddened.

  2. Peter

    Self loading machine gun? Distortion of the tommy guns capabilities in the name of entertainment?
    Just another dilema to add to.lifes pile..

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