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  1. Johnny

    Yikes deep dive by NYT-Robinson will be spending a lot more time with her family,you’d have question her own mental competence,if you had her on your board!

    ‘The sheikha’s advocates were taken aback that a respected human rights crusader had seemingly embraced Dubai’s official line. They disputed that she had a psychiatric condition, apart from any she might have developed because of imprisonment or drugging.

    “I know 100 percent for sure that she doesn’t need mental care,” Ms. Martinengo said. “Maybe now, after all these treatments, but not before. How can you think that a person who’s been in prison for nine months wouldn’t seem troubled?”

    Friends also found Sheikha Latifa’s appearance in the photos — slightly dazed, her eyes missing the camera — concerning.

    With negative attention thickening around her, Ms. Robinson issued a statement saying that she had made her assessment “in good faith and to the best of my ability,” adding that the sheikha’s “vulnerability was apparent.”


  2. Ron

    And the front pages that should be reporting on the biggest protest of citizens since the water charges instead gives a front page to this hysterical hyperbole.

    Just as Michael Martin says he will hold his counsel until after the boy Harris makes a comprehensive statement to the Dail on Tuesday. Expect the speeches to be all about them using hyperbole sensationalist drama to demonize this very small group who were peaceful at all times in their protest. Misguided at best.

    Expect that to be the focus. Expect that to be the out Fianna Fail need to continue this shambolic government

    Expect the incompetence and ineptitude and cronyism and ego centric politics continue. Because all Fianna Fail are doing is delaying their day of reckoning at the ballot box and they know it.

    Expect the Nurses continued protest to be demonized using this very timely event.

    And as usual expect nothing to change from the lazy Irish voters who enable this gross mismanagement and utter incompetence.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Ron, I agree the shame is on us, the Irish voter, but given our political set up, how – other than armed insurrection – can individuals or groups change it? serious reform of the 1937 Constitution is a must, or the re-adoption of the Free State Constitution.

        1. Martco

          @Harry M
          you can vote all you like but I also believe the established setup now will never ever change, the system has reached it’s end state & is self sustaining i.e. the Turkeys are in charge and they won’t be voting for Christmas, ever.

          I reckon the Sheik is broadly correct. It’s depressing.

          From a politics point of view you now live in an effective permanent conservative government, the others are just there now making the noise to make it look like how it should look but all the uncovered scandals in the world won’t puncture the system, no-confidence motions barely function anymore. that might suit you so why would you want that disturbed (if you know what I mean). It’s a system aided & abetted by a selfish society who are more worried about their personal stuff than how their society works.

          Look at those lead pages, not ONE mention of the nurses march this weekend gone. It was the biggest thing to happen this weekend ffs. nor the 400+….ah who knows anymore MIL about to get burnt on a stupid politically motivated decision to site that children’s hospital where it is. Who controls the press?

          Water. The people of this country overwhelmingly showed your government what they wanted to be done. Has there been any changes made to the constitution ensuring it’s public ownership…has there fupp!? It’s still there waiting in the long grass.

          The system is gamed to prevent any naysayers gaining entry as any well architected system would. I assume you know as well as I do how much it costs to get a candidate onto the plate for a GE run & advertise the bejasus out of them to success? but of course there’s no problem for those who are already in power is there, plenty of funds available for the oul electioneering there, isn’t there?

          This country is lost now to those who disagree & the only way real change will come is via the fallout of some disaster local or external or a civil war & v2.0 constitution. that’s the bottom line.

          The political system serves big business & those who have. I will continue to vote but it’s in vain.

          1. Nigel

            The repeal the 8th campaign provided you with a model for affecting change through activism and voting, and an alternative to the yellow vest and anti-war charges campaigns which seem more interested in preventing changes.

          2. Martco


            I don’t wish to disrespect in any way how important that was BUT I would argue it was a softer ideological target, it didn’t involve dollar.

            And even in the 8th I can show you what I’m talking there. Where 8th succeeded, Water failed. What’s the difference? Money.

            It’s going to be very difficult model to replicate into a GE scenario & in fact I think it’s already failed that test. Last GE out everyone was fuming, about mostly the same stuff we are fuming about now today (bar Brexit which is a big fat red herring in this context – we have literally fupp all control over what is coming there)

            So cometh the hour who do you vote for?
            Maybe Catherine Murphy will organically grow a party to compete with Fine Fail by 2050. Else we try our best to disturb the status quo at best. And I’m not talking yellow vests or any of that old manure. We will never change the political system in our lifetime (bar a major event which could catalyse that), it’s over. Yes we do the best we can with our vote but the system will truck on like it has done serving its citizenry the way it has done since the foundation of the state. It’s designed that way and if you are coming at it from an angle of disagreement it’s gamed.

            It’s the system stupid (I don’t mean you ;) )

  3. Eoin

    RIP for the one person, who, on average, will lose their life today in an Irish hospital because of the trolley crisis.
    RIP also for the three people, who, on average, will lose their lives today in an Irish hospital because of “errors”
    And best wishes to the 400 people. who, on average, will be injured in Irish hospitals today because of “errors”

    These people should be in our minds when patients’ lives are put at risk by tomorrow’s nursing strike.

  4. Eoin

    Are the CIA funding RTE’s news and current affairs?

    There’s not a single reference to the UN in RTE’s reporting about aid for Venezuelan being blocked on the road from Colombia. The UN is warning the US not to use aid as a political pawn to undermine the Venezuelan government. RTE quotes the US right enough, but not the UN. That’s how low standards have fallen in RTE.


  5. Eoin

    Hahahaha, Denis O’Brien’s own barrister expressed surprise about his client’s u-turn on evidence in the bizarre libel case against the SBP that continues tomorrow. The Sunday Times wrote yesterday.

    “O’Brien said he did not have copies of the correspondence in court when asked for them by McDowell. The newspaper’s senior counsel said it was “unsatisfactory” that O’Brien had told the jury he had just “sucked it up” in 2012 and was now giving contrary evidence. When he asked O’Brien whether the apology from Denieffe came before or after Lyons’s 2012 article about his bank borrowings, O’Brien said he did not know. The businessman said the Sunday Independent had written a lot of articles about him at the time.

    The jury was asked to leave the courtroom to allow for legal argument after Paul O’Higgins, senior counsel for O’Brien, said the change in evidence was a “surprise” to both sides.”

  6. Eoin

    Remember the Irish/English travellers that wrecked havoc in New Zealand? One of the group was charged with assault and fraud but was released on bail pending a hearing in February. Fair enough. However, under NZ law, an alleged perpetrator gets name suppression at the arrest and charging stage of judicial proceedings and neither their name nor photograph is published. So, we don’t exactly know which member of the group is accused of the crimes. What we do know is, the lad who is accused is on the run and failed to turn up to court hearings. So, the police are looking for him, but there’s one little problem….

    “As he was granted name suppression, police are unable to ask for public help to find him by releasing his name and picture.”


  7. Ollie

    So a 3 week old baby was afraid of protesters and articulated her fear to her aul lad who hid under the bed and called the cops.
    No arrests no crime committed

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