Meanwhile, At The High Court


This morning.

The High Court, Dublin

Businessman Denis O’Brien arriving for further hearings in his case against The Sunday Business Post over articles published in the newspaper on March 15, 2015, which detailed a 2008 report by accountants PwC into Ireland’s banks and their top 22 borrowers.

Legal arguments are currently taking place without the jury present.

The ‘sheet‘s Olga Cronin is live tweeting from the High Court and can be followed here.

More as we get it.

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18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The High Court

  1. Johnny

    Thanks Bodger and Olga,with Digicel’s largest and most profitable market (Haiti) literally on fire,brand new CEO, prior one appears to have have mental health issues,the founder and largest shareholder is doing damage control to his rep over an article in a paper hardly anyone reads…..
    It’s distracting and a waste time,Digicel remains frozen out the bond markets, an IPO is nothing but a distant memory at this point,they continue hemorrhaging cash,but eh good luck against a newspaper that’s most likely going out business.
    What a strange waste time and resources.

      1. johnny

        -the bonds are in US dollars revenue is local, economy and society is on brink of collapse, with heavily armed govt ‘contractors’ getting arrested-

        “Five Americans who claimed to be on “a government mission” are facing charges of possession of illegal arms and other crimes in Haiti after being arrested by Haitian police with a cache of automatic rifles and pistols while driving in vehicles without license plates.”

        Digicel/Dennis O’Brien (see todays papers) has employed x special forces in Haiti.

        1. eoin

          Those arrests look like something out of Hollywood, ex-military armed to the teeth, number plates removed, satellite phones and *drones*, arrested in vicinity of central bank with a pickup truck. What were they up to? Doesn’t Haitian central bank still have a few $100m in currency reserves and gold?

          1. johnny

            -no entry stamps on passports its all very ‘spook’,regarding movies,this story is first up, nurses,helicopters it has it all Eoin:)

            “A country is so desperate for healthcare that it’s forced to revolt against its own government. A city filled with broken glass, burning tires, and businesses looted, their contents spilling over into the streets. And a group of volunteer nurses, trapped by literal barriers from the very airport that could give them their freedom.

            Sounds like the opening scene to a very action-packed movie, right? Except, it’s not a movie—it’s the real-life scene in Haiti right now and the real-life nightmare for a group of Canadian nurses trapped in an area called Petit Paradis. Eight nurses: Lisa Sturdy, Lauren Davey, Charline Ramgotra, Kirsten Nieminen, Marie Nieminen, Tracy Hotta, Aundrea Trevors, and Katherine Fitzo’Niel, are currently staging their own rescue mission, thanks to a fundraising page and a whole lot of hope and prayers. ”


            It’s a extremely serious situation in Haiti,the outcome will determine Digicel’s future,which ain’t looking too good right now.

  2. eoin

    Did he arrive on the back of that flat-bed truck this morning?

    This is day #7? The legal costs would be what at this stage, on both sides? €100,000?

    The SBP is living hand-to-mouth as it is; will this finish them off or provide an excuse for the new owner to close it? That would kill two birds with one stone for Denis, he’d get rid of a Sunday rival to his Sindo, and would destroy one avenue for those pesky journalists to expose his dealings.

    1. Frilly Keane

      More Eoin

      I had my own adventure down there recently when a Creditor of a former client came after me on an appeal case I took on

      The costs hearing alone went to 2 full days
      Guesstimated at 30k in my ah’ ss
      And no SCs involved either

      I’d the last laugh I suppose
      Especially when my own team wanted me to settle

  3. Matt Fitzpatrick

    That overcoat is damaging to his good name. Did he get it in Dunnes? The absolute state of it.

  4. eoin

    Great reporting from Olga at the hearing.

    “[Former editor, Ian Kehoe] IK says if the SBP sought to act out of malice towards DOB they wouldn’t have published that DOB was such a good borrowers and had repaid his debts. IK: There was no suggestion [in SBP] whatsoever that he borrowed recklessly”

    Didn’t Denis pay more than €500 million for his 30% stake in Independent News and Media, publisher of the Indo and Sindo. Isn’t that stake currently worth less than €30 million on the stock market. If Denis did borrow to build up that stake, then, it was at the very least unwise, was it reckless?

    1. johnny

      -one word Eoin-Nero :)

      “In 2014 Nero was purchased by Denis ‘O Brien. For a price of US$ 70 million. He sent her to MB92 in Barcelona for an intensive refit. The Nero yacht is available for charter. She has her own website.”

      oh right then….’sposed be bad luck change a boats name….

      “Nero’s rule is usually associated with tyranny and extravagance.[5][6] Most Roman sources, such as Suetonius and Cassius Dio, offer overwhelmingly negative assessments of his personality and reign; Tacitus claims that the Roman people thought him compulsive and corrupt. ”

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