Behold: the 1978 Porsche 911 gProgramm Coupe – an ‘outlaw’ 911 made by bespoke Long Island G-body 911 modifiers gProgramm.

Nicknamed ‘Mercy’, the already perky 320bhp, 3.4l original has been tweaked and upgraded in almost every way, from the slate grey custom paint to brakes, lights, springs, wheels and tyres.

They kept the tartan interior.

Yours (with just 11,250km on the clock since customisation) for €200,000-€240,000.


13 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

        1. scottser

          1978. Scotland had a good World Cup finals that year. The year of Archie Gemmell’s winning goal against Holland as referenced in trainspotting, in fact.

          1. realPolithicks

            I’m generally not a fan of tartan (I blame the Bay City Rollers) but the dark blue and yellow one is not bad.

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