Free Sunday?

The ‘6th Public Members Bill’ celebrating the life of comic Bill Hicks.

In The Grand Social, Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1 at 4-7pm (doors 3pm).

Featuring stand ups Richy Sheehy , Siobhan Brosnan,  Jack Hourigan, Harry Smith, David Mallaghan, Andrew Gilmore and others PLUS a live interview with Bill’s brother Steve.

Any excuse.

The Laughing Stock CC Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Comedy Legend Bill Hicks in ‘6th Public members Bill’ (FairerTix)

Thanks Johnny Keenan

6 thoughts on “Great Bill

    1. phil

      That generation of ‘Kids’ are very conservative, when they get older and start running the world I think we might be in big trouble ….

  1. Johnny Keenan

    I saw that piece D. Many thoughts on that. The main one being, who the heck is Rob Oldham?
    I fear your right Phil. Ireland could see the next Chairman Mao if this doesn’t all calm down.

  2. Johnny Keenan

    Bill Hicks passed on to the great cloud in the sky 25 years ago today at the young age of 32.
    He wasn’t given time to evolve.
    Begs the question..,
    What’s our fuppin excuse?

    RIP Billllllllllll
    16th December 1961- 26th February 1994

    #BillHicks25th #StillRelevant #BillHicksWasRightAboutEverything

    Bill Hicks Tribute – Agent of Evolution

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