Meanwhile, In The High Court


Denis O’Brien arrives at The High Court this afternoon


This morning/afternoon.

The High Court.

The ‘sheet‘s Olga Cronin is live tweeting from the conclusion of Denis O’Brien’s libel case against the Sunday Business Post about articles on a 2008 Government-commissioned report by PwC on Ireland’s top 22 borrowers and can be followed here.

More as Olga gets it.



18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The High Court

  1. DOC

    This Dude has been in Court more times than Judge Judy………
    For a Billionaire he has a very thin skin
    You can not say ANYTHING about this Dude
    His favourite T.V Programme MUST be Judge Judy

  2. eoin

    “Judge says what is relevant is not what DOB thinks about the articles…
    he doesn’t win by coming her and saying me and my fiends (!) thought I was defamed by these articles..”

    Ah no, so it doesn’t matter what the people DOB met on his way back from mass in Donnybrook thought? Not the paper-boy? Not the chimney sweep? What about his sainted Mammy and Daddy, surely what they thought is relevant?

    Engrossing stuff and fantastic reporting from Olga.

    1. johnny

      “Judge: He’s sat here every single day of the trial and looked up at you…coming here to you for your verdict.

      That’s how serious he considers this matter.”

      He’s in Barcelona this morning-will the judge correct the court records as this statement is incorrect and misleading.

      “During a joint press conference on Wednesday at Mobile World Congress, Digicel Group Chairman and founder, Denis O’Brien, explained; “Today’s a really exciting day for Digicel as we are taking a huge step into our digital future. This is about being more than just an infrastructure provider; today we’re starting our journey to becoming our customers’ digital lifestyle partner.”

        1. johnny

          thanks Eoin-nicely done and as always thank you Olga,Bodger and the team at Broadsheet-I find this style of reporting absolutely excellent,really awesome work by you guys.
          Ok large coffee -NY is shut down-not a person on streets whole city tuning into senate hearings-well its also absolutely freezing:)

        1. johnny

          -a few million dollars Cian-we have a ‘news service’ like most modern companies,that clips Digicel press releases-please join us in 2019.

  3. millie st murderlark

    Top work again Olga. You’ve done a great job of keeping things clear and coherent. It made for a great read this evening.

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