Meanwhile, At The High Court


From top: Ian Kehoe, Tom Lyons and Denis O’Brien arrive at the High Court today

This afternoon.

The High Court, Dublin.

Justice Bernard Barton is summing up his thoughts to the jury before they retire to consider a verdict in Denis O’Brien’s libel trial against the Sunday Business Post over articles on the 2008 banking crisis.

The ‘sheet‘s Olga Cronin is live tweeting from the court and can be followed here.



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17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The High Court

    1. eoin

      “something which would draw out a wasp sting”

      Thicko judge, has he ever tried to draw out a wasp sting. When will Shane Ross’s judicial appointments Bill become law.

  1. theofficepest

    Some waste of time this is. This is a simple case and yet its dragged out. Should take a day to go over

    Stop paying these wasters by the hour and pay by the case instead

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    these lads shouldnt worry .. the SBP lads .. but a lot of the language the judge is using makes me unsure. This judge seems fine with wishy washy details being used as fact in a court case. He should’ve thrown it out after an hour.

    1. The Old Boy

      I think it’s fairly clear that his sympathies lie with the defendants, but he’s afraid of his sh**e of being successfully appealed by O’Brien in such a high-profile case.

      1. rotide

        I mean it’s already banjaxed because I bind it to all sorts of things for work and leisure (have fun with that one). These 50 page tweets are battering it into an early grave

        1. millie st murderlark

          You are putting rude thoughts in my head and it’s too close to home time for that. I’ll lose the run of myself altogether.

  3. eoin

    The jurors have gone home for the night after complaining of “mental tiredness”; not surprised, they need a diploma in flowcharting to understand what decision they have to make. Hope they all get home safely without any sinister taxi rides.

  4. Emily Dickinson

    Strikes me as being more serious than the Angela Kerrins case from a practical point of view.

    If DOB gets any sort of a result here it basically signals that ultra-wealthy people have moved beyond any sort of media scrutiny.

  5. sheskin

    The sooner judges are no longer afraid and are independent the better.I’m following this from across the water and it looks like some kind of joke.The Irish legal system is twinkied with judges like Barton presiding.

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