Meanwhile, At The Department Of Health


Outside the office of the Department of Health on Baggot Street in Dublin this morning

Paul Reynolds, of RTE, reports:

The Department of Health in Dublin has been evacuated after it received a suspicious package this morning.

The package is suspected to contain a white powder and precautions are being taken in case it may be hazardous material.

Gardaí have sealed off the area around Baggot Street. Emergency services were called to the department’s building at 11.25am.


Department of Health evacuated due to suspicious package delivery (RTE)

Pics: Fiachra O Cionnaith


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17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Department Of Health

    1. A Person

      Good man. What a comment. Do you even know how many people work there or in surrounding buildings?

  1. Ian-O

    I would imagine the first point of blame will be towards the people protesting outside his home recently.

    Rather than the people aligned with right wing Christian lying nutjobs from the US.

    Of course.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    While I do hope it turns out to be innocuous, fair dues to the Army Bomb Disposal Team and the Fire Brigade for their response. If something dangerous is reported, they go towards it to protect all of us, even at risk of their own life and health.

    Even more meritorious, given the current state of funding and morale in both those organisations.

  3. A Person

    Good man. What a comment. Do you even know how many people work there or in surrounding buildings?

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Sorry, no idea, but given the size of the building I would guess several hundred in that one alone.

  4. eoin

    It’s a year since the nerve agent incident in Salisbury when we saw the British investigators walking around in those strange green biohazard suits with massive rear extensions on them. Looks like Paddy wasted no time in ordering up a few of those (expensive) bad boys for himself judging by the carry-on just now on Baggot Street, they’ve gone full Novichok.

    1. realPolithicks

      So you’re complaining that the people who put themselves in danger on a daily basis on our behalf have purchased equipment to make their job a little safer. You need to take a look at yourself…paddy.

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