Open And Operational


This morning.

Dublin Airport.

Dublin Airport has said that it is open and operational.

However, it says that some airlines are experiencing delays to their flight schedules due to de-icing issues. It advised passengers to check with their airlines for flight updates.

The weather caused a number of delays and cancellations at the airport last night with some passengers complaining of waiting on the airfield for over three hours.

Motorists warned about hazardous driving conditions (RTÉ)

Pics via Richard Chambers (Newstalk)



5 thoughts on “Open And Operational

  1. Catherine costelloe

    I doubt if there was a rush “All aboard” “Aircraft not de-iced so who wants to risk it?” to complaining passengers.

  2. kellMA

    This is mad. The weather was not that bad. We really need to get our poop together on basics like this.

    1. Mattress Pat

      Deicing is an airlines issue, not an airport, so this is 100% Ryanair’s problem. I’ve heard of people taking over 3 hours to disembark after landing yesterday

  3. Cian

    Ryanairs operation fell to bits, not the airport in general – however there were knockons to other airlines due to this.

  4. Starina

    a pal of mine was trying to fly Edinburgh to Dublin last night on RyanAir; not only did they cancel the flight but they tried to make her pay for new ones. And now they’re not flying her back until tomorrow morning! Shambles.

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