16 thoughts on “Punkin’ Instigator

  1. Ian-O

    Met the guy once, incredibly normal and pleasant in contrast to his stage persona.

    RIP Keith, ye were a mad yoke altogether. On stage.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Damn. Prodge were the best dance band of the 90’s/00’s. I still have Charley Says on 12″.


    1. Martco

      ah Charly is just one of the best songs ever ever
      and Smack My Btch Up with the cleverest vid ever invented

      my eldest fella (who thinks he knows it all) came back from EP flabbergasted at just how good they were

  3. Bruce_Wee

    Shame….grew up listening to the Prodigy. Experience was the first album I ever bought…..RIP

  4. millie st murderlark

    My first rave was in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere and I have vivid recollections of losing it spectacularly to Firestarter and almost breaking a collarbone.

    Thanks for the memories Keith.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      The story doesn’t match the avatar… which made me chuckle :0)

      RIP Keith… many the Friday I’d lose it to Prodigy tracks in Galway’s Sex Kitchen :/

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