15 thoughts on “Anything Good In Private Eye?

    1. shitferbrains

      Funnily enough there seems to be criticism of Macron or Mitterand, Chancellor Kohl or Angela Merkel as opposed to France or Germany, Thatcher or May as opposed to Britain, Berlisconi as opposed to Italy Orban as opposed to Hungary. Even big bad America is Bush or Trump. But it’s always ” criticism of Israel ” ? I think this is what Americans call dog whistle bigotry. As opposed to calling a Jewish politician a ” Jewish sow “.

      1. f_lawless

        Not really- just as you often see ‘US’ or ‘UK’ written as shorthand for ‘the US government or the UK government, you often see ‘Israel’ written as shorthand for the Israeli government. Also, Netanyahu is often singled out for criticism

    2. Joe

      Absolutely correct, immoral actions can always be questions no matter who carries them out. It’s insulting to jewish people that Isreal claim any questioning if their actions as being anti-semitic. It’s nonsense and should not be tolerated.

    3. Hugh

      It is when lies are. Being spread and MPs get threats
      A classic new one by BDS
      Is Israelis using Palestinian prisoners for medical experiments
      Labour now have lost credibility under corbyn

  1. Friscondo

    British politics is a cess put at the moment. Funny how there was no suggestion of antisemitism in Corbyns decades of political life until he got near the reigns of power. For a country heading for the abyss, it’s frightening how a manufactured smear campaign can come to dominate the news cycle. It’s what happens when the media becomes concentrated in a few hands, and something we here should be aware of. I think we all know why.

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