Protection And Progress


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar with French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron during an EU summit in Salzburg, Austria last Summer

This struggle is a daily commitment, because Europe, like peace, can never be taken for granted. I tirelessly pursue it in the name of France to take Europe forward and defend its model. We have shown that what we were told was unattainable, the creation of a European defence capability and the protection of social rights, was in fact possible.

President of France Emmanuel Macron writing in today’s Irish Times.


Bon temps.

Europe’s renewal must be based on freedom, protection and progress (Emmanuel Macron, Irish Times)

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16 thoughts on “Protection And Progress

  1. Mel

    The Nation State is something to be ashamed of and dismantled, in the eyes of a globalist like Macron. Inequality WILL increase under this philosophy and is being welcomed with open arms by useful idiots of the left. The left will always sacrifice the individual.

    1. Bodger

      The left’s embrace of this agenda is completely depressing and mystifying. Is it a Fabian thing?.

      1. Termagant

        I find it so bizarre that the left used to protest the G20 for being globalist and now they protest because it’s not globalist enough

        1. jusayinlike

          The protesters are left, the people allegedly representing them (Vacron) are faux left..

  2. eoin

    The judgement is available via Orla O’Donnell at RTE here

    “Mr. O’Brien was granted leave to appeal against that costs order but consideration of that question was left
    over until the substantive appeal had been determined. Those costs issues are not, therefore,
    dealt with in this judgment”

    What costs is DOB looking at here? €500,000+ or are we in €1m+ territory again.

    Given the substantive appeal went in favour of the Oireachtas, and the judgement is pretty blunt, suggesting DOB’s case wasn’t “novel” [the threshold for the State to pay DOB’s costs], this could be another expensive week for someone whose net wealth is probably around the €200m mark.

    1. Jeffrey

      Yeah last week they (system, MSM) were on the antisemitism matter – it failed miserably. They are still much on the extremes left or right, depending what suits. Macron meanwhile continues those useless “debats” across France.

  3. just one thing

    The irony of using The Sun, in a way that grants their youtube channel increased visibility, kind of turns the juxtaposition of the piece back on itself no?

    Of all the things we should be burning out of modernity for the sake of there even being a future it is the kind of ethos espoused and peddled by The Sun.

  4. phil

    Were is that poe faced guy who should be along shortly to explain that the the wheelchair guy attacked the cop ….

  5. Hugh

    The shaft is coming soon lads
    Mean while Leo played hard ball sending our nuclear powered ship to arrest the two orange fishing boats
    Where is bertie and his sashermach
    And wait till the EU fleets make their way to our grounds when they cannot fish in
    uK grounds

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