The Marshal Plan


This morning.

The Clarence Hotel, Dublin

Comedians Deirdre O’Kane and Jason Byrne are officially named as St. Patrick’s Festival Parade Grand Marshals expected to wave their way – perhaps amusingly-hatted – across the capital on Sunday, March 17.

St Patrick’s Festival 2019

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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21 thoughts on “The Marshal Plan

  1. Rep

    I do not, nor have ever, understood what exactly Jason Byrne brings to the world of comedy.

  2. Mel

    Why are ‘comedians’ given such prominence in this country?
    With regard to these pair, both have brass necks, and are very unlikeable. Utterly charmless, both.
    I just don’t get this.

  3. Cú Chulainn

    Dear Jesus.. what an absolute bore fest. Rusty nails and my eyeballs spring to mind..

  4. Mel

    Who decides who becomes Grand Marshal? Why have one at all anyway?
    Like why have these two been chosen together? What’s the connection apart from them being ‘comedians’? Is it now just used to promote something?
    Shouldn’t it be a bit more transparent ?

    1. George

      What are you on about transparent? Don’t try and imagine a conspiracy. They probably had an international sports star lined up who had to be dropped for some reason…

  5. Goodnight Ireland

    “Comedians” Deirdre O’Kane and Jason Byrne. The laugh is on us. Particularly Byrne, he just isn’t funny.

  6. Gabby

    If they model the new optional female Aer Lingus cabin uniforms, they’ll probably raise a laugh.

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