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  1. f_lawless

    so it was social media all along that radicalised her – and here’s me thinkin it must’ve been her Tunisian husband…maybe he pleaded with her not to spend too much time on Facebook but by that stage it was too late

    1. eoin

      She’s wearing a very very very very very black burqa in the Mail on Sunday “exclusive” photos above.

    2. Tommy

      And the big question is did she kill or chop heads?
      If so before being let back she must face trial for these crimes
      No point of two years later an extrications warrent for crimes being a matter of thousands of euro in legal costs the taxpayer forms out as she fights extradition

    3. Junkface

      Ireland has just as many morons willing to join ISIS as anywhere else. Why would she think going to a warzone in Syria was a good idea?Well, it breaks the pattern of Irish women having kids with Muslim men, then finding out they have just run off with her kids never to be seen again. This happens again and again.

      1. realPolithicks

        “Well, it breaks the pattern of Irish women having kids with Muslim men, then finding out they have just run off with her kids never to be seen again. This happens again and again.”

        I’m sure you’ll be happy to back this claim up with some proof.

    1. eoin

      Meanwhile in nearby Haiti with a population of 11 million, there are extreme fuel shortages, black-outs and growing unrest about the corruption of the US-backed president. The Haiti fuel crisis started after Venezuela last year ended its oil supply programme to the country after the US-back administration kept stealing from it. But you won’t be hearing about any of that in Irish media.


  2. eoin

    The Sunday Times reports

    “The garda commissioner is to establish a special anti-corruption squad to investigate allegations of serious malpractice against gardai.

    The move by Drew Harris comes amid a rise in the number of internal inquiries into officers accused of drug use and supply, perverting the course of justice, serious misconduct and having suspicious business interests.
    Senior officers are convinced the Kinahan crime cartel, which has amassed a vast fortune, has received information about garda investigations into its illegal activities from sources inside the force.

    Interesting ahead of Nicky Keogh’s module at the Disclosures Tribunal. Also interesting that the Commissioner doesn’t know how corrupt some of his senior Gardai are, which won’t augur well for a Garda unit investigating other Gardai.

    1. Frilly Keane

      You know
      I myself was very sceptical about his appointment
      And still wouldn’t trust him

      But TBF to Drew Harris
      Being a complete outsider
      Like not having developed relationships
      or being loyal the shared Templemore grooming
      or subject to the years of historic promises, nudge nudge favours that might be called in
      Or used against him
      Is an asset

      The fact that he is completely independent
      Even from the Dept of Justice pen pushers
      Does allow some
      Even from the most cynical
      Some consideration

      Will there be any real substance to his ‘Anti-Corruption Squad’
      I don’t know
      But I wish him well all the same

      1. eoin

        I wish him well with the anti-corruption initiative as well. I just hope he hasn’t underestimated how easy it is to corrupt a €120,000 a year senior Garda through bribery, blackmail and intimidation. If you were running a €1 billion business from your pleasure palace in Dubai, you’d have to be thick not to have a few very senior Gardai on your payroll.

        1. realPolithicks

          It’s all window dressing Eoin, the guards are unwilling to reform themselves and should be disbanded.

        2. Ron

          I personally know all of the central players in the Nicky Keogh protect t ed disclosure. What Garda Keogh is going to allege and reveal is truly shocking. It’s a level up from what the filth in power in this country did to Mc Cabe. Harrison, Nicky Keogh.. all linked to Athlone Garda Station and all linked to one unnamed as of yet Detective in the Drugs Squad. What’s really going on there is never going to get out in the public domain because it would bring down the Government if it did.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Well Ron

            If it’s that specific
            You can be bloody sure Drew Harris is already fully briefed
            And it makes sense that he would put together a squad of hand picked Gardai, so that both AGS and Harris himself are seen to be cleaning house themselves
            Particularly Harris

    2. Giggidygoo

      But where will the personnel for this anti-corruption squad come from? Within the Gardai?

  3. eoin

    The Sunday Times also reports Gemma O’Doherty is opposing an application by the estate of the late Donegal politician and businessman Sean McEniff to continue suing her for defamation in the circuit court. Under the Defamation Act 2009, your estate can now continue libel proceedings with permission from the court.

    1. Catherine costelloe

      ST reports she looks forward to having the case heard in open court “so that the Irish people can be fully informed of all aspects of FF/ garda cover up…….”.
      Maybe that’s the best way to go because this beautiful little child has yet to be located . Heartbreaking.

      1. eoin

        In fairness to her, I don’t think anyone has done as much as GO’D to highlight the murder of Mary Boyle. She says she has new information which will come out in court. We can only hope someone will be held to account for this awful crime.

  4. eoin

    19 days to Brexit and look at the British newspapers above, they’re predicting different outcomes.

    Telegraph (no deal)
    Express (renegotiation)
    Independent (short extension)
    Guardian (second referendum)

    All of them seem to be ignoring the EU position – accept the draft withdrawal agreement or seek a 2-year extension.

    It’s Alice in Wonderland stuff so close to the legal leave date.

    1. bisted

      …no deal remains the outcome closest to what a majority voted for in a democratic referendum but the electorate are about to be betrayed by their own government…

    2. realPolithicks

      This is how its been all along with the tories, they are like children who insist on getting what they want despite being told by the grown ups that they can’t have it. I picture the british negotiators with their fingers stuck in their ears going “lalalalalalalala” while the EU negotiators are speaking…madness.

  5. Smith

    This autocracy must end. Years of mediocrity and the ultimate leader lining his pockets. No transparency or accountability. Citizens are suffering. Not delivering the goods. A strong opposition and a coup is needed. DELANEY OUT!

    1. Giggidygoo

      The €160k must seem like a real bargain to de World Cup committay. Especially when they, supposedly, can rake in almost €1000,000,000 from de media for one little decision.

  6. Giggidygoo

    New FG security spokesperson in the making?. Years spent in the Irish defense forces in all areas. Some as a trusted employee of various Teeshocks, On-the-job real international experience. In-depth knoweledge of ISIS’s terrorist organization. Soon to run as a candidate for FG in a general election. Parachuted in. The door is always open in Ireland for ISIS.

  7. jimmey_russell

    this poor woman needs our compassion and understanding, she obviously fell in with a bad crowd and lost her way, she is someone’s daughter, sister etc. she was probably battling personal demons and had a bad home life, we need more funding for people in her situation, she is obviously a good girl at heart remember we’re supposed to be a christian country we need to forgive and forget.

  8. Frilly Keane

    Plus 1

    Crimes where the victims are children are especially tough
    On me anyway

    It’s even harder not to get choked up about Mary when you know there’s incompetence, and obvious collusion in a cover up by people who are
    Grown Ups
    And supposed to better by us

    Protect and Serve

    While I do hope Gemma is right
    About her new information to bring out into the open court
    My gut is telling be they’ll exchange everything by way of Affidavit and legal submissions to the presiding judge

    If Broadsheet were willing
    It would be great to publish the court listings for this case
    And anyone who might be about can rock in and witness it for themselves just in case it doesn’t get main steam coverage

  9. Eoin

    Nice precedent to set with returning Isis fighters and their wives. Why not open the door to ALL the returning fighters rejected by other nations?

    1. realPolithicks

      Or, how about bringing this Irish citizen home and if she has committed any crimes charge her and put her on trial. I can’t understand why people seem to feel that because a person has gone to another country and possibly committed crimes that they should lose their rights as an Irish citizen.

      1. Clampers Outside !

        Bring her, an Irish citizen, home, and let her face the music. She’s Ireland’s problem.

        But, her “Not over yet. Not over yet” reply to the ITV reporter when she was asked is ISIS over won’t go down well. Sounds unrepentant in her support for them still.
        A fool, clearly. But being a fool is not an excuse, nor are any “I was brain washed”* claims.
        (* not an actual quote)
        I’d like to say ‘good luck to her’ but I can’t wish such to anyone who by their own will takes to supporting a known terrorist organisation. Suckered into it or not. Again, being a fool is not an excuse otherwise we’d have to empty the jails.

    2. Nigel

      I think I might be against making it too easy to remove anyone’s citizenship, especially based on public outcry rather than any sort of due process.

      1. gobbledy

        What sort of due process do you want for a person joining a terrorist group? Are you a bit simple?

          1. gobbledy

            I don’t really know how you have the balls to come in here every day and humiliate yourself Nigel. The British did not have to deal with fanatics who were brainwashed by Islamic terrorists so what sort of straw man are you erecting?

          2. Nigel

            Is it the straw man that says Irish citizens are to be denied due process because they’re involved in violence associated with religious sectarianism?

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