The Tommyknockers



Dale Pankhurst?

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50 thoughts on “The Tommyknockers

  1. Stan

    Comedy nordie unionist names are legion. I particularly loved Edwin Poots, who I think was minister for the arts in Stormont for a while, and a creationist who believed the world was created in 4004 BC and the good lord planted fake dinosaurs

  2. Dub Spot

    Don’t forget to show some ID to the PSNI when you make a complaint, DUPers – your new Irish passport will be fine.

  3. Mel

    Unfunny man offends people with no sense of humour.
    His audience usually just laugh at everything. Swear words in particular are hilarious and anecdotes from schooldays. Side splitting.

      1. Emily Dickinson

        The Dublin media gives him a free pass every time, I’m not sure why.

        Remember the Holocaust riff he did in conversation with Olaf Tyaransen at a music festival a while back? Anywhere else in Europe he’d have been prosecuted. Here, he got a chat show and a newspaper column out of it.

        Meanwhile Kevin Myers was run out of town for far less. I never quite understood the double-standard.

        1. Termagant

          “Anywhere else in Europe he’d have been prosecuted. Here, he got a chat show and a newspaper column out of it.”


          1. Emily Dickinson

            He’s just another celeb selling tickets to a show. That doesn’t entitle him to inhabit a different legal or moral space to the rest of us.

          2. Termagant

            Agreed, we should all live in a world where we can’t be prosecuted for saying things that might hurt peoples’ feelings

        2. Jeffrey

          It wasn’t a conversation it was in front of an audience, part of his comedy routine (on the particular story) so no he wouldn’t have been prosecuted in other countries, try get the fact straight first, it helps. And I don’t find TT funny one bit either, distasteful at best.

        3. Nigel

          ‘Run out of town’ is not the same as being prosecuted. It’s also not the same as ‘handles criticism poorly’ which is what happens with Myers, but not with Tiernan, who seems able to carry on doing his thing for the people who do think he’s funny and let the people who loudly and repeatedly agree that he isn’t get on with their thing. Since he managed to once make a guy sitting on a bus listening to a song and getting depressed about it into one of the funniest bits of television I’d say he has his moments.

        4. Giggidygoo

          I think it’s just stand up comics in general….. when they’re doing their one man/woman shows. I happened to be at a Dylan Moran show in Glasgow a few months ago. 90 minutes of utter non-funny waffle. Put me completely off such offerings.

  4. Walter Ego

    Cllr Dale Prankhurt needs to put his Contentious issues back in the cupboard with the toaster.

  5. ReproBertie

    I wonder how long Dale struggled with typing “Derry Girls”.

    Get in the sea you attention seeking humourless idiot.

    1. Junkface

      Is Derry Girls any good? I must check this out. Tommy Tiernan has his moments, but you can definitely see his flaws too after all of this time. Tough career choice, the stand up comedian.

  6. axelf

    tiernan is as funny as a helicopter with an ejector seat. may the DUPper was calling to have him arrested for crimes against comedy.

  7. millie st murderlark

    I’m sure all the comdeians here know how to do it better.

    Please show us how to do humour the ‘correct’ way.

    1. Mel

      Differing opinions on subjective material will not be tolerated!!
      One must not question the talents of our Irish comic heroes.
      Green jersey on.

      1. Tony

        But the only ‘differing opinion’ on here is Millie’s. And it’s you that’s taking issue with her.

        With respect Mel, you seem like a bit of a hypocrite in fairness. No offence.

      2. millie st murderlark

        Textbook answer from Mel.

        Did you actually read my comment or did you just vomit the words out? Toddle on now.

      3. Nigel

        When your ‘differing’ opinion, as expressed by yourself and 90% of the other commenters, is challenged scream that you’re being oppressed! Retreat to sarcastic cynicism which undecuts your authority on matters related to quality of funniness!

        1. Mel

          as predictable as night following day. Nigel and the white knights ride to the rescue. Textbook as millie might say.

          1. Nigel

            Hey, when you run out of anything else to say, always go meta. It doesn’t sound clever, but it does sound like what a very dull person would think of as clever!

          2. millie st murderlark

            Hard to make a point stick when you haven’t really a leg to stand on, Mel.

            Best just leave it before you show yourself up as a fool even more than you have.

    2. Termagant

      An imam, a rabbi and a bishop walk into a bar

      They share an evening of lively discourse over religious and secular matters

      Later they part having developed a deeper and more nuanced understanding of each others belief systems

      1. Nigel

        ‘Silverstein!’ cried the Jew, ‘But who’s your friend?’
        ‘His name’s Abdullah,’ said the Moselm. ‘But he’s no friend of mine since he became a convert.’

  8. kellMA

    I have seen Tommy a few times. Some times I found him side-splittingly funny and others not so funny. On one occasion, the support act left him for dust. Everyone is entitled to a bad day at the office I guess. This seems a bit ludicrous…

  9. Starina

    Why on earth would you go to a Tommy Tiernan gig and then get so offended you call the cops? They knew what they were in for when they bought tickets.

    1. Junkface

      Finding offence in everything is so Hot this year. Haven’t you heard? Seriously, this ultra woke, puritan like behavior is a race to the bottom for our freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Its finding its way everywhere.

      We now have Chinese people who are citizens of UK and USA (because their relatives fled from the horrors of Mao) saying that all of this ‘woke lefty SJW’ stuff reminds them of the culture of regimes that blacklisted their names, had the power to strip them of their careers, or imprison etc..

      1. Starina

        What on Earth makes you think these Unionist numpties are “woke”, “left” or “sjw” in any way?!

        1. Junkface

          I’m relating them to the very modern and present outrage culture. Religious people can also be ridiculous. I’m not saying that unionists have anything in common with lefty SJW’s other than being outraged by something.

  10. eoin

    Dale Pankhurst, a local councillor in north Belfast. Remember last year when a Catholic family was literally intimidated out of their home by loyalist thugs. Dale turned up for the TV cameras to deny there was anything sectarian about the matter.

    “As Mr Pankhurst concluded his statement, the BBC report panned to graffiti reading “All Taigs Out” which had been daubed onto a wall at the front of the woman’s property.” [“Taigs” being the pejorative name that certain Protestants give to Catholics]

  11. eoin

    In case you missed it yesterday, the Shinners were out canvassing for the May local elections in the small town of Ballynahinch, around 25 miles from the border. They were met with this gang of protesters, apparently led by an elected member of the North’s Assembly, Jim Wells. The SF candidate said the crowd were yelling “scum” at them.

    “Ballynahinch is a unionist town and there was a large peaceful protest. There was some verbal abuse, but I certainly wouldn’t be verbally abusing them,” said Jim Wells

    “a unionist town”? In 2019. Maybe Catholics need their own Negro Green Book for Northern Ireland so they can tell which are the sundown towns or which shops will serve them.

  12. Frilly Keane

    A lad from Meath causing offence?

    What were they expecting FFS

    The Langers got this right in back in ’88 when describing Meath men
    They like to get their retaliation in first
    So they were well warned
    And have no excuses

    Love Derry Girls btw
    Only whinge I’d have is that the accents are more West Belfast/ Andytown than Bogside
    But hopefully they boot Father Ted out’ve the repeat loops

  13. scundered

    All these people getting offended is nauseating, I am done with liberals pandering to their every cry, right wing here I come.

  14. Charlie

    Imagine going to a comedy show and going to the cops to complain about the jokes. Oh! Hold on! Would ye ever go and tootle right off!

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