Look, It’s Easy


This afternoon.

Aoife McGiveney (above left with Brigid Sinnott, Resuscitation Manager, Irish Heart Foundation) – the Mater Hospital nurse who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a Dublin Bus driver when he fell unconscious earlier this month, helps launch the Irish Heart Foundation’s new free community CPR training programme, Hands for Life supported by Abbott and ESB Networks.

Organisers hope to teach CPR to 100,000 people in local communities throughout Ireland over the next two years.

No female dummies?


Top from left: Aoife, Paul Hennessy, Customer Experience Director, Abbott, Paul Mulvaney, Executive Director, Customer Delivery, ESB Networks and Tim Collins, CEO, Irish Heart Foundation.

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

19 thoughts on “Look, It’s Easy

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I agree. I did a course once, and one of the issues they said was a major problem was a ‘herd’ instinct where people do not react even when they see something wrong, and so people can suffer and even die. That she reacted at all, even without the wonderful result, shows that she is a true heroine! Training and experience helps, and it is clear she has plenty, but without that willingness to put yourself forward…

      This is why I such high respect for all those in the emergency services and in hospitals

  1. Nullzero

    “No female dummies”, we can’t assume how those inanimate dummies identify, they could be non binary dummies for all we know.

  2. Dhaughton99

    Last year, a man a few doors down, collapsed with heart problems. His poor wife ran around banging on the neighbors doors crying for help. Not one of us knew how to do cpr. The man died and left 4 children. To my shame, I still don’t know how to do it.

    1. Lilly

      @Dhaughton99 – That’s sad. If his wife had contacted the emergency services straight away, they could probably have talked her through it.

  3. Lilly

    I did CPR training years ago but have never had to use it. I must do a refresher course as I was shocked to hear Aoife McGiveney say, ‘don’t be afraid to break some ribs’. You compress the area between the nipples to the rhythm of Staying Alive.

  4. Slightly Bemused

    Knowing CPR is a really good skill, but in case you don’t, calling the emergency services (999, 112 or, yes, even 911) and getting an ambulance on the way could be enough. Tell the operator it is a heart attack, and you call goes to the top of the queue (along with calls about children, strokes, etc. Sorry, broken bone, you may have to wait).

    In any case, pressing down hard and fast on the centre of the breast bone is better than nothing, and breaths are not always needed as the compressions force air in and out of the lungs anyway.A good handy guide is here (https://irishheart.ie/your-health/cpr/hands-only-cpr/) but good to get proper training.

    I used be a first aid and CPR instructor, and have had to use the technique on a number of occasions. Some successful, sadly some not.

  5. Dub Spot

    Good job.

    Can someone perform CPR on the CRP that RTE put out on Friday and Saturday nights?

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