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      1. millie st murderlark

        Putin would prefer the White House as an extension of the the Kremlin, no doubt.

    1. V for Frilly

      I seriously have to admire sum’ting he said on Jimmy Fallon there last night

      n’ I might even take it a bit further meself
      (tis starting to chew like)

      But take this as a kinda pep talk lads

      Now granted he was going back and forth with Jimmy about retirement slash fighting again slash his next fight

      . All’s I’m saying is dis …..I’m keeping meself ready

      Keep yerself ready folks

  1. eoin

    Imagine the nurses meeting tomorrow for a series of “indicative votes”

    They’d want a 100% pay increase, a 50% reduction in hours worked, a 100% increase in the recruitment of nurses, a 200% increase in the recruitment of doctors, another 2,000 bedspaces and neck rubs on the hour every hour.

    That’s what the UK parliament has decided to do tomorrow, hold indicative votes. And 72 hours before a no-deal Brexit crash out.

    1. henry

      Lets face it we should be worried about our situation not the UKs

      Time we were told exactly what help we are getting as in support from the EU as in money and new markets
      We also must ensure during the next few years the EU provides intervention for the food our farmers are producing and find there is no longer a market for them

  2. eoin

    For anyone thinking we’ve agreed with the UK to extend Brexit to 11 April at the earliest, there’s nothing formally agreed for an extension. They’re debating the extension in the UK parliament tomorrow. If it’s voted down, then it’s Brexit on Friday at 11pm. Given the chaos in the UK, given the likelihood of direct rule nirvana for the DUP in Northern Ireland in a no deal, given Boris Johnson getting all Biblical echoing Moses’s “Let my people go”, what do you think the chances of crash-out Brexit in three days?

    1. Cian

      it’s looking like it might happen without the Parliament realizing. It’s mind-boggling watching them.

  3. eoin

    It was tweeted too late for the papers but Conor McGregor says

    “Hey guys quick announcement, I’ve decided to retire from the sport formally known as ‘Mixed Martial Art’ today”

    “sport”? IMO, it’s WWF that Paddy Power can offer a book on with a straight face.

  4. eoin

    Shame on all the papers today for reporting the latest crime statistics which were published yesterday morning, but burying the “under reservation” status about the reliability of the statistics in the body of their reports.

    From the CSO yesterday “The CSO first suspended the publication of Recorded Crime statistics in 2014 following the Garda Inspectorate report identifying quality issues in relation to the recording of data on the PULSE system. The PULSE system is the only source of recorded crime data available to the CSO to produce these statistics. ”

    It’s been five years since we’ve had reliable crime statistics in this country. Such incompetence from Frances Fitzgerald and Charlie Flanagan.

    1. The Old Boy

      I did quite a bit of research into crime statistics many years ago. The summary is that all crime statistics everywhere are a load of cobblers’ awls.

  5. eoin

    Front page of the Sun, the FAI sourced two tickets to the 2018 World Cup Final for FF TD Kevin O’Keeffe who is on the Oireachtas sports committee that will grill Delaney next Wednesday.

    “How (else) would I get a World Cup final ticket?…The Mitchelstown TD revealed he paid [face value] €903 each for the tickets through the FAI to see France beat Croatia 4-2 in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.”

    So, Deputy O’Keeffe paid the full price for the tickets. What’s the problem? The Sun doesn’t say it but weren’t the tickets trading for way more than their face value? How much did Kevin save by getting the tickets direct from John Delaney at the FAI compared with what he’d pay on the secondary market or from touts?

    And how did the Sun get the story? Sinister, it would shock me if Delaney is actually questioned at the Oireachtas next week.

    1. eoin

      The Deputy Kevin O’Keeffe story comes after Deputy Noel Rock says the FAI were briefing against him after he called for Delaney’s departure. Noel thinks the FAI is suggesting he was only after complimentary tickets. Just how many members of the Oireachtas sports committee have had ticket dealings with the FAI? It’s beginning to whiff of sleaze.

      1. V for Frilly

        beginning to whiff of sleaze

        Ah come in E

        The behaviour in the FAI that is coming out now was 30 plus years in the making

        Look at the age profile of the Directors
        And Jaysus only knows what the demographic breakdown of the 50 odd member Council they have

        Seriously now
        The instinct to think it was ok to require International Players return their kits then they land into the Arrivals Hall …

        Ah don’t get me started
        But believe me
        For that behaviour to be a recognised norm – like an operational standard
        in an organisation with 180 employees, plus Council and Board of 68
        A televised kinda League

        This culture is all around ye lads
        Ye’ve just gotten too used to it

    2. rotide

      Was Kevin O’ Keefe on the committee last year? Could it be reasonably predicted he would be on it this year?

  6. eoin

    Lord Rothermere’s Mail manages to crow bar “social media” into another horrible crime.

    1. rotide

      I seriously wish he would, would be nice to have it all in one place rather than constantly skipping over here

        1. rotide

          Well, I wanna be free, I wanna be free to do what I wanna do
          And I wanna get loaded and I wanna have a good time
          And that’s what I’m gonna do

  7. Johnny

    Hi Millie,it’s a bit tiresome having constantly look up late 80’s pop culture references,maybe say from last 20 years-clearly certain people peaked in the late 80’s-with the dancing with wolves ref etc.
    Here’s what he really,really wants…
    “I want to be adored
    You adore me
    You adore me
    You adore me
    I want to
    I want to”
    From another late 80’s pop group.

    1. rotide

      Sorry Johnny, I’ll try to include more High School Musical and Arrianne Grande references for your milenial tastes.

      1. johnny

        -say anything from this century-its kinda boring have revisit the 80’s to ‘get’ your references,try A$Ap Rocky,Pusha T,Minami Deutsch,Vince Staples,Travis Scott,Dream Wife,Shame,Slaves,Earl Sweatshirt,Kids See Ghosts,Mitski,Beach House,Greta Van Fleet-but save the trips down memory lane to the late 80’s early 90’s…..

  8. johnny

    -oh letters from the UN to Irish govt about housing, evictions and vulture funds…..Ken,Ken can we have a FOI:)

    “In a series of letters to Blackstone and government officials in Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and the US, Farha and Deva accused private equity and asset management firms like Blackstone and its subsidiaries of undertaking “aggressive evictions” to protect its rental income streams, shrinking the pool of affordable housing in some areas, and effectively pushing low and middle-income tenants from their homes.”


    Movie/Doc about all this.


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