Expecting Something?


Communications Specialist/Content Creation Officer (Fine Gael)

9 thoughts on “Expecting Something?

  1. Ian-O

    Also known as ‘how to make Leo Varadkar appear less like the sociopathic, classist pr*ck he is and more like a warm blooded mammal’.

    The ability to lie comprehensively is a necessity, for both this role and FG.

  2. millie st murderlark

    Sorry, but shouldn’t that read Head of Believable Falsehoods and Deputy Assistant Bullshit Manager?

  3. Giggidygoo

    617 people awaiting beds in hospitals this morning. Communications Specialist required to reduce that figure to 300

  4. eoin

    When Leo told the FG gathering last weekend

    ” Fianna Fáil is a party with no ideas, no policies, no alternatives. I’m sorry Micheál, but hurling from the ditch isn’t a policy, conspiracy theories don’t constitute analysis, and finger wagging isn’t a solution.”

    even the thicko political eunuchs in FF must have seen the writing on the wall #GE19

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