31 thoughts on “It’s Started Here

  1. George

    The organization who invented two fake volunteer profiles to pad their website as they could only muster up two real ones.

  2. ReproBertie

    Are these idiots suggesting the housing crisis is the EU’s fault?

    And what’s Michael Collins got to do with anything?

    1. Andrew

      You have notice the bunk beds being advertised and 4 strangers to a room ads? Well globalisation is the EU’s philosophy and our government are signed up to that. We have property funds buying up whole blocks of apartments, NAMA has and is off-loading blocks to Real estate trusts without making them available to people who want to buy. The EU is very much part of the issue.

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        Unscrupulous Landlords were screwing people long before the EU came into being.

        Do you remember the 1980s in Ireland, it was poo, EU membership has made this place a lot better

        1. ReproBertie

          Clearly Andrew doesn’t remember the bedsits and flats of early 80’s Dublin or even late 80’s Dundalk. Crappy accommodation and unscrupulous landlords are not the result of EU policies.

  3. Kdoc

    There are a few of these outfits doing the rounds: Irexit, The Nationalist Party and the Anti Corruption Ireland party.

  4. milk teeth

    Oh dear – I live in Wales right now and I can tell you Brexit is going so well, even better than it looks like from the outside(!)

  5. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    If brexit happens without introducing a hard border, will that make the irexit guys irrelevant ?

  6. Scundered

    Their choice of stock photo family obviously an indication of the sort of people they think make up their supporters. They’ve got a sense of humour at least.

  7. Jimothy

    Nobody should be beaten for their political beliefs….. except these people.
    Beaten hard, and repeatedly

  8. Andrew

    I remember living in crappy bedsits and I know we have had and will continue to have scummy landlords. At least in the eighties buying a home was a realistic objective for people on average salaries, It really isn’t anymore and it will continue to be placed beyond their reach.
    I don’t think you realise that we have no economic sovereignty any more, that much is clear and the European Central bank call the shots with regard to this.They are actively telling Nama what to do and wholesaling apartment blocks to investment trusts is part of that.
    I have no admiration for EU globalists such as Macron and Varadkar.
    Generations will be forever renting and your understanding of these matters is limited to sneering at anyone who has reservations of the EU globalist project.

    1. Stephen

      What I miss most about the 80s is the unemployment rates. 16% in 1986 for example. Those were the days.

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