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  1. Cú Chulainn

    In football once the chairman gives his support to the manager we know it’s only a question of when he’s going to be sacked. Something tells me Frau Merkel’s support is a little different.

  2. SOQ

    One thing is for certain. Merkel has an absolute hatred of borders which very much works in Ireland’s favour.

    What impact Brexit will have in the wider EU elections remains to be seen. As the contagion spreads it will certainly give nationalistic or anti EU candidates ammunition but the campaigns in the UK are going to be quite surreal.

    1. eoin

      Have we missed pics of Angela as her talks with Leo concluded? Was she still smiling? Even after Leo did another giant “thank you” card type stunt with the poor crayturs from the Border? I hope she was, she’s Europe’s most powerful leader, but she’s a highly intelligent leader and can see the inherent contradiction between a no deal hard crash-out – where the UK (including NI) is outside the EU and the Border needs to be policed in Ireland as much as it does between Poland/Ukraine or Greece/Turkey. – and the Good Friday Agreement which creates an invisible Border between NI and the rest of the island.

      So, any farewell pics of Angela?

  3. GiggidyGoo

    The deadline of the 29th March came and passed. Up until that deadline Macron and Merkel paid little public heed to Ireland. Not that the poo has hit the fan, both have taken a lot more interest, especially in the Irish land border.
    So. this visit of Merkel. After two years of alleged preparation we are in the domain of
    ‘We simply have to stop the border’ – but no solution proposed.
    ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’ – soundbite.
    ‘What I have heard here….’ – easily got from history books, media. She wasn’t very well up on the NI history then..

    So why did Merkel actually come? To give those kind of soundbites to the media?
    No. She came to give Varadkar her instructions and to re-iterate Macrons. She has already said that land borders must be protected. How would the Leo lad intend to do that in the NI border? Customs Posts. That’s how.

    Little known fact…. The original land border posts between Ireland and Northern Ireland, approx a century ago, were erected by the Blueshirt FGers.

    1. Cian

      Little known fact…. The original land border posts between Ireland and Northern Ireland, approx a century ago, were erected by the Blueshirt FGers.
      Wouldn’t surprise me.
      FF talk about building things.
      FG build things.
      SF refuse to actually do anything.
      IRA blow things up.

        1. Junkface

          Ha ha ha! Jesus Christ, FG build things! What planet is he on? There’s more building going on in the creches with Lego sets around the country.

          Fine Gael are ENTIRELY USELESS at building things! 10,000 homeless and counting…

      1. martco

        “FG build things”

        thanks @Cian I hadn’t snorted coffee in a while, all over keyboard fuppsake

        1. Otis Blue

          Except social and affordable housing, it would appear.

          You’re Eoghan Murphy, aren’t you?

    2. ReproBertie

      Macron paid little public heed to Ireland, except when Leo met him in February of course but sure facts don’t matter these days.

  4. eoin

    On the same day the Shinners bring ground breaking tenant protection legislation to the Dail, the galoot in the Dept of Housing introduces a range of new measures.


    “where a landlord terminates a tenancy because he/she needs the property for his/her own occupation or for a family member, that property must be offered back to the former tenant who provides their contact details where it again becomes vacant within 1 year, rather than 6 months (as currently provided for in the Act), of the termination date;”

    So, a landlord evicts you because they claim they have a relative that wants to live in your home. Somehow you (because who else is going to do it) need to keep a watch on the property for up to a year to see if the property becomes vacant? And where will you be living in that year? Side of the road? New area, new city, new country? What a twit. It allows FG to claim they are addressing the crisis in the rental sector which is the main gateway to record homelessness.

    There’s no register, landlords can still evict you if they’re selling and you increasingly need to be legally savvy if you want to protect your rights if you’re a tenant. That’s FG, remember them next month when they’re seeking your votes.

    1. Cian

      The only onus on the tenant to provide contact details to the (ex) landlord – say a mobile phone number. The onus is on the landlord to contact the tenant if the property is on the market again.

  5. eoin

    And you thought record numbers on trolleys as wards are closed, or CervicalCheck or the strike of ambulance workers was the scandal of the day in Simon Harris’s department. Deputy Mick Wallace tweets:

    “Where’s the PWC report into the #childernshospital fiasco that the Government said we’d have by the end of March? Hundreds of millions being wasted – Does anyone care?”

    1. GiggidyGoo

      He’s looking at your posts Owen. Let’s be grateful that we have facilities like BS to air our views. They do get noticed.

  6. eoin

    Depending on how Brexit pans out, Ireland might be facing the perfect storm conditions for another collapse in house prices according to the IMF. Even without the risks of Brexit, we’ve seen the biggest increase in house prices in the world in the past five years (pg 63)


    I mean, who would have seen it coming? Median house price in Dublin, around €350,000, median salary, less than €30,000.

    1. dav

      so long as the vulture funds are happy, this government will continue on it’s present course.

    2. Junkface

      Yes. The economics just do not work out long term for Ireland. The housing crisis is long out of control. The middle class have been utterly squeezed down to working class. If you don’t have a healthy middle class where households can save some money, then everything will crumble.

    3. gerry

      Or the prices will remain high and will be bought by people who will rent them out at high prices.

  7. eoin

    Zuckerberg is gonna need more security! Front page of Guardian, individual employees at FB to be held criminally liable for content in the UK

    “Social media executives could be held personally liable for harmful content distributed on their platforms, leaked plans for a long-awaited government crackdown obtained by the Guardian reveal.”

    Nice pic of Zuckerberg and Nick Clegg in Dublin, you won’t get similar pics in London!

  8. eoin

    Compulsory redundancies at the (highly profitable) Irish operation of the Daily Mail. Last month they asked for 35 voluntary redundancies, representing around 25% of their staff. Although an unquantified number of staff applied for the voluntary redundancy, it wasn’t enough, and an unquantified number will now be fired.

    Given the strained relationship the Irish Mail has with truth and public duty, as exposed in the Charleton Tribunal last year, it’s a wonder people still buy it, especially at weekends.

    1. eoin

      A “charging point” costing €400,000? It’s more complicated for you to install a new socket point in your home than it is to build a charging point. It’s FGer Richard Bruton handing out the €20 million contract. I’d watch him like a hawk and challenge him any time he spends our money.

      1. Cian

        Have you any idea what you are talking about?
        Charging 8 vehicles simultaneously with 150kW chargers needs a lot of power. Equivalent to the amount of power need to supply over 1000 home. It would most likely need it’s own supply.

        This is very different than the 7kW chargers that you get in Tesco.

        1. The Great Wall of Gammon

          Hush now. Don’t be letting facts and reality get in the way of a good giggidy gooing….

          1. Cian

            You are confusing ‘charging points’ [number of actual charge points] with ‘charging hubs’ [number of locations, each that has 2-8 change points].
            Also, as I already mentioned, older 7kW chargers with new 150kW chargers.

          1. The Great Wall of Gammon

            So you’re letting us know that BP purchased 6500 second hand charging points for £130m….

            Today your logical fallacy is… well take your pick…

  9. eoin

    On Wednesday night, Fianna Fail’s Stevie Donnelly was on RTE’s Late Debate and was asked about FF’s position on the Shinner Bill to freeze rents and make rental evictions more difficult. Stevie said “FF saw merit” in the Bill but it hadn’t yet decided on a party position. 12 hours later, FF decided to vote against (not abstain) the Shinner Bill.


    As the Shinners say “This is the second time Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have blocked the amendment originally drafted by Focus Ireland in 2016. Fianna Fáil cannot cry crocodile tears when the homeless figures keep rising and another family has to spend the night in a Garda Station when they have offered up no solutions to the rental crisis.”

    1. martco

      I’ve lost all respect for Donnelly..fast becoming just another conservative gimp…when I think of those halcyon SD times…fupp

  10. Tony O'Leary

    How can the Daily Star call women horses and still sell copies?
    This may not be as urgent as Brexit, the Children’s Hospital etc. but this comparing women to animals is beyond the Pale, even for a tabloid. How do we battle gender equality, pay gaps and just promote basic decency if this is allowed to continue?
    Am I being too snowflakey?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      It’s that slap n’ tickle, Sid James, Page 3 get your knockers out, how’s yer father attitude in the boys clubs of British media offices. When some of them appeared at the Leveson Inquiry you could see it was a culture from the top down. Doesn’t excuse it, but as long as those rags sell to the British masses, these attitudes will pervade.

  11. johnny

    -by the time FG finally gets its act together on medical weed it will be too late for Ireland,to have any chance of being a player in this billion dollar market.

    “At a country manor nicknamed “Brainblood Hall” where she’s experimented with hallucinogenic drugs, Amanda Feilding evokes the picture of eccentric English aristocracy. Yet the Countess of Wemyss and March is hardly a latter-day hippie waxing nostalgic for 1960s acid trips: She is a leading advocate for the use of psychedelic drugs in medicine, studies their effects on consciousness, and advises governments on policy.

    Cannabis-derived treatments have already been embraced for conditions such as epilepsy, and Canopy, based in Canada, has enlisted Feilding in a US$9.6 million research venture to study them for cancer pain and opioid dependence. The grower is looking to outrun rivals, including Aurora Cannabis Inc. and Tilray Inc., in a European market for medical marijuana that analysts at Prohibition Partners project to reach as much as US$65 billion by 2028.”


  12. johnny

    -transcript from yesterdays amazing appearance by Senator Black.

    4 APRIL 2019

    “Ms. BLACK recalled that she tabled an Occupied Territories bill in Ireland’s Senate in January 2018 and expects it to pass into law shortly. The bill seeks to ban the import and sale of goods produced in illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and is the first of its kind in the European Union. “There have to be consequences for breaking international law,” she emphasized, adding that “trade in settlement goods helps sustain injustice”. Noting that the bill does not represent a boycott of Israel, she pointed out that it is focused solely on the settlements. Describing the human cost of the settlements and citing the stories of Palestinians who visited Ireland, she noted that she was inspired to act after visiting the Gaza Strip herself.

    Israel’s Government sanctioned more than 1,000 new settlement homes in 2018, she observed, stressing: “At this rate, there will soon be no Palestinian State left to recognize.” Ireland was the first country in the world to end trade in goods with Apartheid South Africa, she recalled, adding that she wants to do the same with this bill. “Ireland can lead on this and other countries can follow us,” she noted.”


    Well done Senator Black,outstanding work and what a fantastic representative of Ireland.

    1. johnny

      -now this is what annoys the foop out me as an Irish person in US-while the outstanding Senator Black was in Washington DC-did the ambassador meet her, host a reception for her-open the Embassy have a little do…did it fook.
      Instead of welcoming Senator Black they held a reception for the walking dead and well dodgy,Mary (robot) Robinson -shame,shame on you Mulhall,who’s a total lightweight and wastes most his time and your money on rubbish19th Century poetry-or his own which is total crap.

      “It was an honour for us to host former President Mary Robinson who spoke today in #Washington @Georgetown & @tcddublin symposium on Climate Change, Conflict & Gender.”


      This great and brave Senator Black on the same evening was representing modern Ireland,Mulhall and Robinson are dinosaurs,cant wait till they extinct.

      “Just back from brilliant meetings in Washington on Occupied Territories Bill + much more. Thank you @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @BettyMcCollum04 @MarkPocan for the warm welcome & brave work for justice & human rights. Taking inspiration from US Congress back to Leinster House”


      The Irish diplomatic core in NY/DC completely ignored and snubbed Senator Black’s presentation at the UN-while once again ‘honoring’ Robinson and Gilmore-can Robinson ever just fook off to her friend and his many many wives in Dubai-take the utterly useless Mulhall with you.

      Note-not ONE mention on Irelands UN feed of Senator Blacks presentation, but lots and lots pictures of Ger and Eamon Gilmore-FFS do we need silver bullets or wooden steaks for these old has been’s, still hanging around claiming represent Ireland-who’s Ireland definitely not mine.


      1. eoin

        Maybe Ireland’s UN Mission didn’t have time to mention Senator Frances Black because it was too busy promoting a peace initiative in Papua New Guinea.


        Papua New Guinea, the country which is the single biggest market for a certain Irish just-about-billionaire.

        (BTW, Senator Black is really doing Ireland proud, we gave the world the term “boycott” for the peaceful protest against injustice, that’s exactly what the Ghandian ban on trade with illegal settlements is about.)

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