….INM’s chief executive Michael Doorly had raised the prospect of a sale in meetings with the Dublin investment community this week.

Sources were saying German media group Axel Springer had taken a look at INM in the past, while Norwegian group Schibsted has also been rumoured to have an interest.

INM confirms possible takeover approach (RTÉ)


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9 thoughts on “INMcoming

  1. eoin

    The existing share price which values the group at €100 million makes no sense at all with €80 million of cash and generating a net profit after tax of €9 million last year (after redundancy and costs of the corporate watchdog investigation). However the share price does make sense if you think INM is going to be hit with tens of millions in damages which might be claimed by those whose data was hacked. Also, a business whose circulation and advertising is declining by 5-10% a year and whose digital income has peaked and is in decline, needs a new direction.

      1. Lilly

        ‘it shows how much work media groups have to do to transition to a digital business’

        DO’B can’t be blamed for this. They buried their heads in the sand for years where digital was concerned, well before his tenure.

        Things must be tight at the IT too if they can’t update their byline pics at least once a decade.

  2. Truth in the News

    When INM pay for what took place, there wont be much left for anyone, it is surprising
    that the rotten rag has survived for so long, We need an Independent “Irish Press”
    and not some of the biased content we are being fed currently.

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