The Public Accounts Committee wants immediate clarity over any possible conflict of interest over firm PwC which not only advised health chiefs on the children’s hospital, but also completed a review of the project.

The committee heard this morning that PwC was involved in advising over the second phase of the massive children’s hospital project last November.

A review by PwC of cost overruns for the €1.7bn project was only released this week after that was separately commissioned by the government.

Come on.

Clarity sought on potential conflict of interest over hospital review (June McEnroe, Irish Examiner)

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6 thoughts on “Ah Here

  1. eoin

    Yeah, because the €34m it earned from lead NCH contracter BAM and the fact PwC is a major provider of services to govt and state companies wasn’t conflict enough.

  2. Kolmo

    It is baffling that there was no prior investigation as to the form of this firm…a 3 second search in the Internet machine found these nuggets, can I have a job as a Government Due Diligencer now?

    They are all laughing at us.

    1. Conor

      Problem is search every Big 4 consultancy and you’ll get similar articles on Google. It’s not just PWC, it’s one big cartel between these firms, the multinationals and governments around the world.

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