How Was It For You?


Arya Stark and Jon Snow reunite in last night’s Game of Thrones season 8 premiere

Did you stay up?

Was it worth it?

Game of Thrones recap: season eight, episode one – the end is now (The Guardian)

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11 thoughts on “How Was It For You?

      1. millie st murderlark

        Nah he lasted about three episodes in the first season but his ending was VERY satisfying as he was such a mad little bastard. He’s the one who had his head smelted by the dothraki. Which is not entirely accurate, but immensely fun to talk about.

        Of course, we had yet to meet Joffrey as a ruler or Ramsay Bolton being his own lovely self.

  1. postmanpat

    Spoiler alert! GRRMs Winds of Winter (where we might find out if real Jon stays dead or not) has still no sign of release. Its looking like 2020 at the earliest. We have to put up with this weak fan-fic ending instead. ie: boobs for the sake of boobs . senseless shocking betrayal for the sake of shock . You know Tyrion will side with his sister for pointless OMGs. And shocking gruesome deaths of beloved characters to recapture the show adaptation of actual book plots . (Mountain v Viper but this time Mountain v Arya and guess who dies horribly … the answer will shock you !!! and if it doesn’t, the squishy sound effects will!!! ) Character teleporting allover the map etc.. But look at the weather outside today. Where’s my phone? . I have to torrent this now for closure. let me see!! …..www.torrentdownlo…….

    1. millie st murderlark

      You understand that book and screen are two entirely different things, and that textually are two different things, don’t you?

      GRRM has kept his fans waiting upwards of 7 years now. He’s lost the steam to continue.

    2. rotide

      The show is a lot better than the books imo. there’s a LOT of fat in the books and holy crap, Daenerys arc was nigh on unreadable at points.

      The shows writers have done an excellent job at abridging and adapting it.

      I also highly doubt the next couple is every actually going to come. I’ve pretty much given up on reading it anyway

      1. postmanpat

        The showrunners did an excellent job of adapting the books and terrible job of wrapping everything up once they ran out of source material. The show died for me when Jon did then didnt. Season 6 & 7 where all kinds of stupid. They are wrapping things up with the current cast , twisting them out of character and clumsily merging them with new major characters that showed up in the last book and that we will never see. Say what you want about the books, but all the shows best moments came directly from them. Since running out of books to work off, the plot has been generally predicable. Sure, they will throw in some shocking twists this year to try to recapture the magic of the first few years. But where the twists made sense in the earlier show. The new reveals and back stabbing will make no logical sense just like season 7 (remember the girl power disposal of Petyr and Doran?) but the fans will be gushing too much to notice. I love a hype as much as the next guy but its not the same show anymore, It looks the same but lets be honest, its a hollow imitation of what came before. I lay the blame at GRRM, he was half the shows success , once he disappeared with his manuscript he knew he had left the showrunners hands full and out of their depth . Its not like he had no experience with the TV industry either, the guys been around for years. His 80’s Twilight Zone episode was the coolest.

        1. millie st murderlark

          Tldr: It’s not the same as the books or how I imagine the future books (if they ever get published) will be therefore it is rubbish.

  2. shortforbob

    One down, five more to go.

    Interesting echos from past episodes. Lots of table setting and reestablishing the mood but after a two year break it works. Viewers know what has been happening but many of the characters are strangers to each other and are only getting to know each other and all the pieces are coming together.

    Even at this point it think it’s fair to say it was the show that defined the decade.

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