“The European Union Is At A Crossroads”


This afternoon.

Further to confirmation this morning that Independents 4 Change TDs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace will run for seats in the Dublin and Ireland South constituencies respectively, during the European elections on May 24…

Clare and Mick have published their respective campaign videos above…

Meanwhile, The Irish Times has published the full list of candidates here.

Gemma O’Doherty has confirmed that she is running in the four-seat Dublin constituency.

Maynooth University lecturer Adrian Kavanagh, who blogs about elections in Ireland, also has an overview here

Total of 59 candidates declare for European Parliament elections (Fiach Kelly, The Irish Times)

2019 European Election candidates: An Overview (Adrian Kavanagh)

Earlier: “We’ll Work Our Nuts Off”

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28 thoughts on ““The European Union Is At A Crossroads”

  1. Rep

    Hermann Kelly, Eamonn Murphy and Gemma in Dublin. Yikes.

    Good to see Hermann desperate to get on the European gravy train action he seems to hate so much.

    1. rotide

      Odd that she’s running in Dublin. her brand of paranoid lunacy goes down a lot better in the sticks and she knows it.

          1. Rob_G

            I mean – you’re not wrong. But Bertie is retired, Ray Burke is long-retired, and Lawlor is dead. Whereas the Healy-Raes will continue to spawn new Healy-Raes, who will continue to top the polls on their platform of proud professions of ignorance of all things science, and getting goodies from ‘dem hoors up in Dublin’.

          2. Otis Blue

            We can agree that the Healy Rae’s are a pox, a hyper-virulent strain of clientelism and self-interest. But in that there’re hardly unique. It’s only the brogue and flat cap that that sets them apart.

            The Gombeen transcends place; neither defined nor constrained by urbanity or rurality.

      1. My Man

        More likely to get on Telly

        Not hard to figure out

        Also hard to get the transfers down in the sticks

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      And then some of them don’t even turn up for the plenaries once elected. There needs to be far more accountability.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Well, if they get elected as MEPs, there’ll be two seats up for grabs. Why don’t you throw your hat at it, Daithi?

      1. martco

        well possibly because he’s not load€d enough
        or his da hasn’t left his seat to him, yet

      2. Daithi

        I know better than to put this face on election posters. The people of West Wicklow have suffered enough.

  2. realPolithicks

    Good luck to Clare Daly, she has been an excellent TD and I’m sure will be an equally excellent MEP.

    1. Rep

      The one and only. He is going to stop the rural/urban divide and feels the best place to do that is in the European Parliament for some reason.

    1. f_lawless

      yeah..who needs people like him..plenty of others lining up to expose the war crimes and political corruption of elites ..wait..

  3. GiggidyGoo

    I bet FFGLAB are hoping that MW and CD are successful and leave the Dail to its own dirty devices.

  4. eoin

    One things for sure, if Click are elected, they won’t disappear into a Brussels blackhole for five years until the next election comes around. They’ll have our back on creeping militarisation, banking and financial issues, that is 100% sure. And we’ll hear regularly, in a language we trust and understand, what is happening in Europe.

    Go Click, go!

  5. Keane of Thrones

    Dublin is going to be EPIC

    Mark it in the calendar lads

    That Count Centre with all those Independents
    From a Presidents Daughter to an Ex Prisoner
    A Pro-Life hard chaw and Red Head

    It’s going to be the telly event of the year
    At this stage I’m calling


    Probably Barry pity but I’m going to quietly keep an eye on Alice MH

    And don’t be surprised if Ben Gilroy out polls Gemma and Herman

    Game ah’ Thrones with have nothing on this

    Who’s with me to do regular update from the Canvas?

    Btw my oul’ dance partner Billie is in with a right shot of topping the poll there in Southern

    Hup ya boy ya

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