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13 thoughts on “In Name Only

        1. Charlie

          I was referring to you ever predictable & incessant whinge…but you knew that of course.

  1. Kevin Quinn

    Ireland never formally left the Commonwealth, so if we wanted to be part of it again we would just have to reactivate our membership.

    Personally I think this is worth considering, with two conditions; that it is after or upon re-unification, and that it is in conjunction with the United States.

    1. Rob_G

      not the type of person to quote myself, but the Commonwealth is warped – it’s like a network of abuse survivors, but the group facilitator is the creepy uncle…

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      The Commonwealth is a dated dependency group for ex-colonies who want to be associated with Britain because of its standing as the fifth largest economy of the world. It’s a community which solders trade deals and cultural exchange. Some stalwarts actually believe it to be the remaining golden threads of a once glorious empire.

      Firstly, Ireland does not need this trade link as we are in the EU and we trade successfully with the entire world through the EU trade agreements.

      Secondly, unlike previous British colonies, we are not particularly endeared to joining a group hosted by a coloniser that, for many Irish people, still hasn’t vacated our island.

      And thirdly, given the shambolic way that Britain has dealt with its international foreign policy and invasion coalitions over the past two decades, its division over Brexit and its uncertain future because of Brexit, why would the Commonwealth led by this nation be appealing? Britain has also targeted so much derision and historical ignorance about Ireland lately (Bradley, Boris Johnson, etc.) that its unlikely Ireland would be treated any better in its club.

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