Easter Hot Pot



Custom House Quay, Dublin 1

Drug-crazed ‘revellers’ celebrate 420 in the sunshine with Bob Marley and a humongous spliff.

Johnny Keenan (top) writes:

I know it’s 3 days after it happened but no stoner and medical cannabis activist were left unturned when standing up and standing out for the legalisation of cannabis on this lovely green isle took place…

Arrest them all.



Also on the quay.

A blurry belated hello to Kenny Tynan (Activist for Medical Cannabis) and Lorraine Kennedy (Director and Producer of patientsofcannabis.com).

In fairness.




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24 thoughts on “Easter Hot Pot

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I can’t be having with this lot. Legalising drugs? On our island? Thank you , no!

    **Leans back, pours a double whiskey and lights up a ciggy**

    1. Ian-O

      Whiskey isn’t too bad for you in moderation but ciggies are always bad.

      Weed – used correctly and responsibly (for example, don’t drive stoned and don’t use tobacco) by adults is relatively harmless.

      Relatively though, it has some amazing uses but you still have to treat it with respect and intelligence. Its certainly not a panacea as some claimed (or have been accused of claiming if I am being honest) but does have its place as a complimentary treatment in some cases and as a primary treatment in other.

      But the jury is still out on its effects on those with certain psychiatric conditions and/or forms of depression so its definitely not ‘safe’ by the usual definitions, for some people.

      Its still far less harmful than alcohol and I love alcohol.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        “Its still far less harmful than alcohol and I love alcohol.”

        Everything I have heard/read/etc supports that. My point was the hypocrisy that it is alcohol and tobacco that are the biggest drug issues on this island, yet they are legal.

        1. Ian-O

          Absolutely SB!

          I did get your point alright and fully agree, the hypocrisy is ‘Irish’ indeed!

    2. shayna

      I’m thinking I was there last year, dude. So, what’s been happening, are we still in Europe – is French still the common language of the EU, do the English like roast beef? So, it’s all stand-still. I’m a terrible surfer, everyone in Bundoran says, Dude – you know, the Keanu Reeves reference. Not so much Dudette, to be fair.

    3. Anton Chigurh

      First it starts with the marijuana; next thing you know they’ll be listening to that swing music and dancing with colored folk.
      – Jeff Sessions.

      1. shayna

        The Presley boy? MJ is legal a lot of states in the USA, I mean, Ireland could produce MJ, just like it did potatoes -sorry, I recently watched Black ’47.

  2. Zaccone

    Legalization and taxation can’t happen soon enough. I’m not a smoker, but I can appreciate the saved money on Garda time / prison / legal resources, and the tax take.

    Colorado is pulling in $200mn+ a year in tax revenue alone from weed, not accounting for the police etc savings. And its only got a population of 5.5mn people. So presumably Ireland could be getting €100mn plus a year in tax, plus the savings.

    I don’t know why its taking so long – would there really still be a majority in the Dail against it these days? Surely even those ambivalent about the drug itself can see the very real financial benefits for the country.

    1. Cian

      I would love to see it legalised (and taxed).

      I can understand that there is pushback from
      – publicans/off licences: they will lose out if people choose to smoke a joint rather than go boozing.
      – organised crime: they will certainly loose out a lot
      – conservatives: it is a gateway drug and hell will break out if you let people inject spiffs.
      – legal people: there is a cohort of people earning lots from the illegal drug trade
      – other legal people: unintended consequences: if we were to legalise this, what happens to anyone currently imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes? (easy: they can be released) What if someone was caught with cannabis, and because of that they were searched and this provided evidence for other, different, crimes – what happens here – the person was imprisoned for a different crime – but only because they were caught with weed. (if this seems far fetched remember that convicted murderer Graham Dwyer is trying to have his murder conviction overturned because the laws over phone records were changed after he was convicted based on said phone records).

      1. The Old Boy

        “What if someone was caught with cannabis, and because of that they were searched and this provided evidence for other, different, crimes?”

        Nothing. If the warrant was valid when the search was conducted, it doesn’t matter if the suspected activity on which the application for the warrant was based is subsequently decriminalised. The argument would be different (but likely still unsuccessful, see DPP v J.C. [2015] IESC 31) if the warrant was issued in relation to an offence that was subsequently found unconstitutional and therefore void from the very beginning, but that’s not the case here.

    2. Johnny Keenan

      +1 and another +420 Zaccone

      Common sense isn’t up for discussion with the government. Yet!

          1. millie st murderlark

            It would be vastly amusing if Bertie was in fact my real life husband and this was all a bit of a Tyler Durden moment in the making.

            Perhaps not vastly amusing, actually. More… chaotic.

          2. Johnny Keenan

            Are you ‘Tokin’ about a revolution’ brother?
            as Bodger beautifully wrote about 420 in 2016

  3. Bort

    Cannabis is a gateway drug. I can tell you that personally and every single other person I know that has or does use cannabis. Most of the chronic and regular cannabis users do smoke and drive if not smoke while driving. These are just the facts from my life. But I believe they still should legalise it for medicinal use not for recreational use.

    Cigarettes and alcohol are bad, of course but lets stop using that as rationale. Weed can be and is bad too, I know too many people who I could only describe as have given up on life due to cannabis use. I have friends and have suffered personally from paranoia and irrational behaviour due to using cannabis. I know chronic users who are impossible to deal with or they can’t function when they havn’t smoked. I will never buy the cannabis is not addictive or habit forming. You don’t do something every day for decades if you’re not addicted to it.

    Cannabis can be dangerous and I feel the legalise movement never address the dangers. I drink, occasionally smoke and use cannabis so I don’t know what horse I have in this race but I don’t want to see the whole country turn into stoners. Stoners are not cool, they are when you’re 15, not so cool at 35

    Crime will always find a way, it will just go black market.

    But again, crazy it’s not legalised for legitimate medical use.

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    as a doctor, i support medicinal weed one hundy percent. it’s crazy to not have it legal for that use. its just big pharma suppressing it, and harris/FG are an easy pushover for them. it needs to be available for those who need it. you should be able to buy it for recreational use too, but should have to get a license. so not just anyone can get it. theres people its bad for.

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