Superquinn founder Feargal Quinn

Supermarket tycoon and former senator Feargal Quinn, who helped revolutionise shopping in Ireland – including introducing SuperClub, the country’s first supermarket loyalty card, in 1993 – has died.


Superquinn founder Feargal Quinn dies aged 82 (RTE)



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15 thoughts on “His Reward

    1. GiggidyGoo

      was listening to that and timing it. He’s a news item. 2 minutes at most to tell us of his passing. Not the likes of Shane Ross extolling his virtues on a news show that lasts 45 minutes an over half of it taken up with this.

      1. Rob_G

        Was this about the same time that Brendan Ogle & the €80k-earning ESB workers were threatening to cut everyone’s electricity during one of the coldest winters on record?

        Apparently, water is so important to the people of this country that it is unconscionable to be charged for it; Quinn was proposing that it wouldn’t be cut off in the event of industrial action…

  1. rotide

    “introducing SuperClub, the country’s first supermarket loyalty card in 1993”

    He was monitising your data before Zuck was even in school

  2. A Person

    He was a successful Irish person. Irish begrudgers on the web need to take him down a peg or 2.

    1. Rob_G

      I have several friends who worked in SuperQuinn over the years – they were all on well over the minimum wage, with their wages going up each year. He also used to hire disabled people to work in his stores.

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