19 thoughts on “Get In Your Lane

  1. Barry the Hatchet

    Somewhere there must be a portrait of Eamon Ryan that is ageing horribly.

    1. George

      Yes, because they are all in danger of flying over the handlebars in this cul de sac.

      1. eoin

        Given how unfamiliar some of them appeared to be with bicycles, they could have come to some serious grief, even in a cul de sac for a concocted photo-op.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          I wonder is Ryan preparing for the next general election- maybe worried about his seat and has got back into the bike rental busy in anticipation.
          I don’t see the bould Dan there. Maybe he’s getting fit going up and down Patrick’s hill in cork.

  2. Andrew

    Good grief! Eamon Ryan really rubs me up the wrong way.
    Fair play to anyone putting themselves forward though, as long as public service and a sense of community and improving it, is what they’re doing it for.
    For a lot of candidates that is just not the case. However, one must take people at face value I suppose, until proven otherwise, and wish them well.

    1. Stan

      “Eamon Ryan really rubs me up the wrong way.”

      Likewise. There are far worse politicians in Ireland, but few as slappable.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    At least they’re prepared for the ‘on yer bike’ greetings when they canvass

    1. spider

      The way it should be… Don’t know why we have to dress people up in funny cloths just to do something as mundane as cycle a bike.

  4. Truth in the News

    Why does Ryan not cycle into the Dail instead of taking the LUAS…..this should be
    named the Green Fantasy Political Initiative

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