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Bonkers writes:

Local elections lookalike… Still doesn’t beat Hildegarde Naughton/Fernando Torres


*grabs crotch*

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23 thoughts on “Healy The World

      1. martco

        do these elections work in the same way as GE? (PR etc.)

        I want to ensure that woman never gets a benefit from any vote of mine

        Is ensuring you fill out all preferences with her at the bottom/last the way to do that, anyone?

        1. martco

          for clarity I mean Frances Fitzgerald
          and I called her an oul boiler (which is technically accurate bs)

          1. shortforbob

            Yes, PR or Single Transferable Vote (STV) as usual. The EU elections have slightly different rules but again STV.

            No. Don’t list numbers all the way down the ballot, stop including numbers when you run out of candidates you support. Don’t put any mark of any kind beside her name because in theory your vote could transfer to her eventually. (In practice your vote transferring all the way to your last preference is extremely unlikely but not impossible.)

          2. martco

            ta for that @shortforbob willdo & read up on the system a bit more

            I would speculate in a GE that many voters inadvertently succeed in getting a candidate elected that they explicitly would want to see eliminated from the vote process

        2. Paulus

          I’ve often wondered about this, i.e. do some voters think they must continue to indicate preferences across the entire ballot paper?

  1. Peter Dempsey

    I know people in Kerry who will vote for her just “to wee off the left”

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