The DC Universe


Last night.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on CBS NBC.

Dublin’s Fontaines DC perform an intense bonus rendition of Liberty Belle – provoking an almost universal response…

No playsin’ some people.

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15 thoughts on “The DC Universe

  1. Joxer

    havent bothered with them up to now…. but that was a poo kicking performance. big times ahead of them.

  2. Digs

    They’re Feckin sublime. First decent Irish band in forever…. Hope they continue to soar.Damn I envy them their youth….

    1. BS

      Exactly that. I thought it was just lazy poor songwriting until I heard him be interviewed. He’s playing at being a “working class here” awful lyrics, put on inner city accent, and boring guitar and drum riffs. They’re only getting big because Steve lamaq has championed them on bbc radio.

  3. Andrew

    Heard that on the other night. It did stand out to me. I will have to listen to it a few times to decide what I think. The voice is slightly Billy Bragg maybe?
    I don’t know anything of their background as mentioned by BS and Con above.
    They’re not quite Sleaford Mods (who are an acquired taste too) but it does sound promising.
    People who create their own stuff that departs from the mainstream should be encouraged, god knows,we have enough Ed Sheeran/Gavin James/Coronas…….. insert yodelling ,whining ‘singer songwriter’ here.

  4. Termagant

    I kept waiting for the penny to drop for me with these lads but it never did, every song of theirs that I heard was just another pile of poo.

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