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This morning.

Met Eireann’s ‘Ensemble Forecast Probability Maps‘ are live!

Finally, sez you.



Stop that.

Ensemble Forecast Probability Maps (Met Eirean)

Johnny Marr (left)  and Morrissey in 1984

‘This is not a rant or an hysterical bombast. It is a polite and calmly measured request: Would you please stop mentioning my name in your interviews? Would you please, instead, discuss your own career, your own unstoppable solo achievements and your own music?

‘If you can, would you please just leave me out of it?’

Extract from an open letter to Johnny Marr from Morrissey




This morning.

An Open letter To Johnny Marr (Messages from Morrissey)

Pic: NME

Kid Rock – We The People

‘Fuck Facebook, fuck Twitter too. And the mainstream media, fuck you too, too, too’

You may like this (probably not).

Anti-Fauci, anti-Biden anthem from veteran rap/rock poo kicker Kid Rock.

No need for the language


….via Telegram:

Gen Z have outsourced their youthful rebellion to people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. They’re the most conformist generation of the post-war era.


Dublin city centre on Saturday night


This morning.

Any excuse.

Earlier: Ain’t She A Beautiful Sight?



Fake medic (see comments)!



Or is it?

Only you can decide.

Map here

Niall Brennan – The Other End Of Your Dreams

The blue Niall.

Former Prescriptions frontman Niall Brennan (top) lays down a lovely groove on this humdinger from his new EP Something Glorious.

The Dubliner had been working with producer Gavin Ralston but after Gavin’s untimely passing Brendan Tallon stepped in to complete the project.

The legendary Steve Wickham also features on violin alongside Frank McGing, Aonghus Ralston and John Boyle.

Nick says: In beautiful dreams.

Niall Brennan


Last night.

KN writes:

What have we become?

‘Running out of time’ – father denied heart transplant because he won’t get Covid vaccine (

Damon Albarn at the 2015 Electric Picnic


Men are pigs.

Taylor rules.

More as we get it.

Damon Albarn Apologizes to Taylor Swift for Claiming She “Doesn’t Write Her Own Songs” (Cosmopolitan)


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