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All the leaves are brown.

Never mind.

With Extinction Rebellion eco-warriors rolling through Dublin and the Green wave making a splash at the ballot box, it seems everything’s gone, well, green.

But what about the other colours?

To win this week’s Golden Discs voucher worth a plant-watering €25, simply tell me below what your favourite song is which mentions a specific colour.

Here’s mine.

Nick says: Good luck!

Lines MUST close at 6.30pm EXTENDED until 11pm We’re Going Through Until 6am MIDNIGHT SATURDAY! OK, late stragglers won’t be exactly turned away.

(Include link to video where possible)

Golden Discs

Greenshine – Brother

Their roots are showing.

Greenshine are a Cork-based, modern folk ensemble comprised of Mary Greene (top right), her husband Noel Shine (top left )and their daughter Ellie (top centre).

Tonight they will be joined by percussionist Martin Leahy for their show in the Dublin Conservative Club (DC Club) at 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2 at 9pm.

Above is a single taken from their highly recommended album Family which also contains faithful covers of classics by John Prine and Townes Van Zandt.

The video, with its lovingly shot vistas of sun-kissed cacti, was directed by Dean Maywood.


Nick says: Do you want yer oul’ lobby washed down, Greenshine?


From top: Ranelagh village; Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan during pre-Budget 2020 submissions last week

This morning/afternoon.

Further to the ongoing immense brouhaha over Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan’s proposal that one car could service 10 villagers in rural Ireland.

Of Mr Ryan , whose parliamentary constituency includes Ranelagh, Dublin 6,  Journalist  and columnist Philip Nolan tweetz:

‘Eamon Ryan wouldn’t dare tell his cosy D6 constituents they shouldn’t have at least one family car to drive Jemima to crèche, or he’d be toast.

So piss off telling rural ireland, where we actually have no public transport, that we somehow should organise a rota.’.


Green Party Councillor for Swords, County Dublin, Ian Carey respondz:

Philip, he didn’t suggest restricting car ownership for anyone. He was proposing something additional to increase mobility. He has been totally misrepresented on this. There are lots of young ppl locked out of car ownership because of insurance costs and need cheaper options.


Climate change sceptic Fiona Marie Flanagan addz:

‘One car per 10 families? Wolves in the wild? Tree planting?

Don’t for one minute think that Eamon here has the creativity to come up with any of this nonsense by himself – it’s all taken from Agenda 2030, the UN blueprint for global control…’



This afternoon.

Via Eamon Ryan

Wednesday: It Takes A Village


Earlier: While You Were Sleeping

Sorcha RichardsonHoney

Short and very sweet.

That’s Sorcha Richardson’s new single, which clocks in at just over two minutes. But space and time dissolve when experiencing the emotions described here.

Sorcha says:

“It’s my attempt to articulate how it feels when somebody new comes into your life, very unecpectedly, flips your world on its head. And you’re trying to make sense of it all.”

The Dublin-born New York-based singer releases her debut album First Prize Bravery on November 8 on Faction Records.

She headlines Dublin Whelan’s on November 20; Cork Winthrop Avenue, 21; and Galway Roisin Dubh, 22.

Nick says: Some nectar.

Sorcha Richardson

The votes are in.

Last week, in the ‘eye’ of ‘Hurricane’ Lorenzo and with a stunning 25 voucher to spend at Golden Discs on offer, I asked YOU to name your favourite song mentioning storms or rain or wind.

You answered in your windswept dozens.

133 of you, in fact.

An incredible selection, thank you

Sadly  there could be only one winner.

Third Place:

Judy Garland –You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Slightly Bemused writes:

My mother’s favourite song! I recently heard Judy Garland’s version, and it moved me to tears as that was her favourite version….

Runner up:

The Blue Nile – Tinseltown In The Rain.

Seamus Keane writes:

  A stone cold classic…:


Sister Rosetta Tharpe –  Didnt It Rain.

Liam Deliverance writes:

The “Godmother of Rock and Roll” , this wonderful performance comes from an American Folk Blues Tour in England in 1964, this recording comes from Manchester. A five decades long career starting in 1919 inspired many more greats that followed in her footsteps. V

Voice, showmanship and guitar playing, she had it all. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018 as an “early influence”, and what an influence, she inspired Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and many more that followed in their footsteps. [Today] October 9, is the 46th anniversary of her passing in 1973….

Thanks all.

Last week: Win Nick’s Voucher

Golden Discs

The Southern FoldSave Your Soul

Something gothic this way comes.

Hailing from the Deep South East, The Southern Fold duo of Kilkenny-based Emlyn Holden (top right) and Dubliner Laura Hand (top left) serve up a brooding take on Americana that would fit right in on a True Detective soundtrack.

The highly atmospheric black-and-white video by Frieda Freytag adds an ethereal, mysterious layer on top.

The album Bible Fear is released on October 31.

Nick says: Spread the gospel.

The Southern Fold


Bus shelter ad, Dublin unspecified location.

And from the website

The National Childcare Scheme insisting on a Public Servce Card card despite a ruling from the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) that the card is unlawful when applied to State services other than welfare.

Good times.

Previously: Public Service Card on Broadsheet


John BlekEmpty Pockets

We may be an island of sensitive singer/songwriters but John Blek (top) is a cut above the rest as the Cork-based musician shows on his new single, the first from his album The Embers due next year.

A hugely empathetic tale of struggle in hard times is complemented by Doniirawan‘s heartbreaking video of a homeless busker’s trials and tribulations.

“This is my fortune; what is the cost?” Blek ponders stoically.

You can catch John live at The Cobblestone, Dublin, on October 18; Cleere’s, Kilkenny, October 19; and De Barras, Clonakilty, Cork, October 20.

Nick says: Any colour you like as long as it’s Blek.

John Blek