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Thank Fred it’s Friday.

That means it’s time for another music competition. This week the question is: What in your opinion is the greatest moment in heavy metal?

A song we can dedicate to all the moshpit-missing, devil-horn handed headbangers caged in by Lockdown.

Reply below to be in with a chance of bagging a hair-tangled €25 Golden Discs voucher.

Here’s mine.

Please include video links if possible.

The winner will be chosen by my tattooist.

Lines close at 5.45pm EXTENDED until 11pm.

Nick says: Good luck!

Golden Discs

Paddy Goodwin & The Holy Ghosts – Is This Still America?

Are you ready for a protest song?

Hailing from Drogheda, County Louth, Paddy Goodwin and his blues-rockin’ band offer a visceral state-of-the-nation address to our neighbours across the pond.

No punches pulled.

Nick says: Waking up from the American dream.

Paddy Goodwin & The Holy Ghosts

Simple Kid – Serotonin

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960 unearthed by our Golden Discs music competition last week, reader Liam chose Cork indietronic hipster Ciaran McFeeley aka Simple Kid, who shone brightly in the Noughties.

Serotonin was released in 2007.

Liam said:

“I’d argue the Kid is one of the most underrated Irish artists full stop. He quit the business for a number of years due to lack of success but is back making music again, and it’s still great!”

Nick says: The Kid is alright.

Simple Kid

Energy Orchard – Hard Street

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960 unearthed by our Golden Discs music competition last week, reader Charger Salmons states the case for 1990s Belfast Celtic rock act Energy Orchard, who were led by the late Bap Kennedy.

Charger says:

“A staple of London’s Irish pub rock scene for years, Energy Orchard were a fabulous live band who never quite matched their early promise thanks to (alleged) terrible management by their record company.

“But on a Saturday night when the Mean Fiddler {North London venue] was jammed and they were on fire there was no-one better. Happy days.”

Nick says: How d’ya like them apples?

Dr Millar & The Cute Hoors – Happy Can Be

Continuing our series of seriously underrated Irish music since 1960, prompted by the treasure unearthed during last week’s Golden Discs competition, reader Rosette Of Sirius plumped for cult Dublin singer/songwriter Seán Millar.

Rosette said:

“The supremely gifted songwriter Seán Milllar aka Dr Millar released an album called The Bitter Lie (top) in 1990. Almost every song tells a tale of growing up in the aftermath of Dev’s Ireland from the 60s to the 90s..

” The songs A Good Little Country and St Stephen make me rage ever so slightly. Alcohol Problem lives true even today and Your Not Paranoid speaks to his humour.

But Happy Can Be (above) is a quirky but gorgeous little love song that is so perfectly Irish. The fella should be a household name.”

Nick says: It’s Millar time.

Seán Millar

Looking for rubble, in fairness.