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  1. Slightly Bemused

    Land Cruisers are great cars. I have had the pleasure of driving many over the years, including an original 1955 BJ (last model before the J20). That was fun, and taught me more about driving than many other courses and vehicles. It had only 3 forward gears, and no syncromesh. I really had to learn how to align speed, engine revs and gear change with that one.

    My favourite, and a great workhorse, was the J75 version from the early 1990s. Developed specifically for rough African terrain and for use by aid agencies (ICRC and MSF had influence on the design, making it capable of taking 2 stretchers for use as emergency ambulances, and surviving very rough conditions) this was a true beast. 4.2 litres of straight (non-turbo) diesel meant even torque from low revs. This was much better than the Land Rover which needed high revs to get the turbo to kick in before real power could be delivered.

    Spent many a journey bouncing in the back of one of them, and drove many a kilometer in all sorts of conditions.

    If I had the money, and a more secure parking spot, I would love to get my hands on this car as shown

    1. jusayinlike

      The turbo on my 1990 jetta mk2 gtd begins to spool at 1200 rpm. That particular engine was first unveiled by vw in 1979.

      Land Rover hadn’t a clue how to properly turbo charge diesel engines, Toyota weren’t much better, in 1988 Toyota contracted vw to help them refine their diesel engines, specifically for turbo charging. In return Toyota shared the blue prints for the hilux with vw which resulted in this..


      1. Slightly Bemused

        Thanks, That is really interesting. I was not aware of the VW collaboration, but it would explain why Toyota’s later turbos were so much better.

        Hilux was a great vehicle, but bounced like a horse in a rodeo if driven at speed on rough roads.

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