Exit Through The Gift Shop


Leader of Fianna Fail Micheal Martin pictured with MEP Brian Crowley at the party’s Ard Fheis in Killarney in 2014

The Irish Examiner yesterday revealed that Cork MEP Brian Crowley will be entitled to severance payments of more than €350,000 over the next two years and a pension pot of €1.4m

Mr Crowley, who was not able to attend any parliament sessions since the last elections in 2014 due to illness, will be entitled to a pension lump sum worth 1.5 times a politician’s salary.

Bebe writes:

This is appalling – Brian Crowley has not been in a position to attend the EU parliament since 2014 and it’s likely his hospitalisation over three and half years or so saw two thirds of the bill paid for – and like others he most likely had his private health premium paid for him.

Most people with a disability will explain how the dye is cast against them – I’m sick of such attitudes and arrogance  that causes him to hold his seat – take the salary – while not in a position to attend.

So many are in worse situations than Crowley don’t even have the basic standards of needs met in this ever restricting economy – some have no home.

MEP Brian Crowley to get €350k payout and €1.4m pension (Elaine Loughlin, Irish Examiner)


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12 thoughts on “Exit Through The Gift Shop

    1. Rob_G

      For the most part, indeed yes. But he didn’t turn up to work for the past 5 years, still collected his salary, and left his constituents without representation.

      Now, I feel very sorry for the man on a personal level, but it’s nothing short of a disgrace his hundreds of thousands of constituents were left without representation for so long.

  1. johnny

    I think he’s great, totally completely confirms my views on FF,he’s absolutely brilliant what a guy,I wish he was ‘running’ again, even manages make Ming look half decent which ain’t easy.

  2. fez

    My work doesn’t fire me if I’m ill, they may get some cover for me, but I still get illness benefit, should some middleground not apply here?

  3. kellMA

    Well depending on what his illness is;he is probably on PHI and when on that your ER continues to make pension payments for you (if you are in a DC scheme) and well your DB would be reduced due to the nature of your “salary reduction” – PHI is limited to 60% of your full pay.

  4. Gerry

    “Most people with a disability will explain how the dye is cast against them – I’m sick of such attitudes and arrogance” – disgraceful comment.

    Using this to have a go at the disabled is pretty low.

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