Be Advised, My Passport’s Green



The Irish and British governments will today formally sign an agreement about the reciprocal rights UK and Irish citizens will continue to enjoy in the neighbouring jurisdictions after Brexit.

The Memorandum of Understanding will be based on the range of rights and privileges that currently apply in the Common Travel Area agreement between the UK and Ireland.

Irish-UK post-Brexit reciprocal rights deal to be signed in London (RTE)

Thanks Bebe

4 thoughts on “Be Advised, My Passport’s Green

  1. bisted

    …nice header Bodger
    but it appears you didn’t know
    famous Seamus did raise that glass
    to toast Eilís a dó

    1. Iwerzon

      I believe the ‘boul Eilís raised one too and gave a nod in the direction of our Fenian dead.

  2. Stan

    I’m personally happy that my ability to remain in the UK and work here unfettered by needing to apply for ‘settled’ status has been affirmed. I do however, feel that this has a few less than happy resonances. Our status here depends on a understanding that we are not ‘a foreign country’: fine, but it means that every other EU member state is, and my passport becomes a unique document, allowing me access ot the UK, and state services here, on the same level as a UK citizen, AND access to similar across the EU. Win-win, you might think: but it detaches us subtly from other EU citizens here, my colleagues from all the other states who work here, and who are increasingly pointing out ‘you’ll be alright’ in not quite friendly terms. It also makes us look like the solidarity that we’ve earned from the rest of the community, is not being reciprocated and that we’re happy to do a side-deal with the Brits. NAGL.

  3. milk teeth

    So the British Government charges you around €400 to renounce citizenship? Why should that cost anything?!
    Also why is the Home Office appealing the decisions court – clearly seems an open and shut case under the GFA. Total waste of time, money and court resources. Don’t the British Government have something better to be doing??

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