Lacking Fibre


This afternoon.

Dáil Eireann.

Social Democrat co-leader Catherine Murphy (top), Sinn Féin’s Brian Stanley (centre) and others are questioning Minister for Communications Richard Bruton on the National Broadband plan.

Watch proceedings live here

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6 thoughts on “Lacking Fibre

  1. SOQ

    Judge Keys said the State is about to sign a €3 billion contract for broadband “and we don’t have enough money for this man who needs medical treatment.

    “We have to get our priorities right … this man should not be in prison and he is there because of the failure of the State to provide alternative facilities and resources and as a result he has to continue to be in a limbo situation.

    “This is very, very wrong.”

    And there you have it folks- one simple scenario, replicated thousands of times over.

    1. Otis Blue

      If there can be an upside to all of this, it’s that the craven clientelism, moral bankruptcy and utter ineptitude of this Government is laid bare. All of this in the run up to the Local and European elections.

      It’s in our hands. Vote for those who best reflect the Ireland you want. Let’s make a start, at least.

      It’s your vote; your choice.

      Use it wisely.

  2. arthur_daly

    Well they are going ahead with spending 3 billion of our taxes and handing the product over to a private company
    One better than Irish water
    That’s six grand per man woman and child

    Guess what
    After they take the gift of this nation they own it and when someone owns something they can sell it and reel the profits

    If for some reason the 3 billion is not forthcoming

    They can sue the state ie taxpayer for that money

    Well done paschal
    Your fiscal space between your ears is just that a big void of nothing

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