The Female Race


From top: Table showing the number of candidates (male/female) running for each party in the upcoming local elections; table showing the percentage change of female candidates running for the main political parties between 2009, 2014 and this year

Dr Adrian Kavanagh, a lecturer in the Maynooth University Department of Geography, writes:

Female candidates currently account for 28.3% of the total number of candidates selected/declared (that I have accounted for/listed on my website to date).

Female candidates contesting the 2019 Local Elections (Adrian Kavanagh, Irish Elections: Geography, Facts and Analyses)

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5 thoughts on “The Female Race

  1. Gabby

    Some rainy day in the future the Irish electorate is going to vote for candidates according to the fine points of their character and their policy orientation, not according to how they look in mugshots and photo opportunities.

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      that would be great. at the moment i don’t know what they use to decide. With FG topping the polls there can’t be any kind of sense involved.

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