27 thoughts on “Fianna Fail

  1. eoin

    Eight quite British first names in Cork?

    Yes, I would say the odds would be quite high.

    But that’s FF, “the Republican [not in the US sense, not in the French sense, not in the all-Ireland sense] Party” for you in 2019.

  2. missred

    Most of them do look like they’re about to sit the Leaving Cert, otherwise I am not really seeing the link here…

      1. missred

        *sighs*. As a woman, I should be alert to this obvious absence, but I’m so used to it it becomes background noise not to have a female on a panel. I also always think of FF as not something a young woman wants to join, even though I know they do

      1. $hifty

        Why should there *have* be any women? Why not apply that to all demographics and have one traveller, a jewish candidate, hell you could probably get a good gig running for office if you self-identify as a black, transgender, gay, jehovah’s witness who is a civil servant and a landlord.


        The implication is that they’ve selected all male candidates without any background info on number of females who even attempted to vie for candidacy.Maybe there were none? Maybe there were hundreds, but they were all crap? Why should there be a gender quota in anything that’s merit-based?

        1. Cian

          there doesn’t *have* to be female candidates.

          But it is *odd* that there are none in this FF lineup.

      1. millie st meadowlark

        He has the surprised look of someone who has just had a feather duster stuck up his….. lovely bottom.

        1. missred

          I see that at exactly the same time we made a bottom comment, our heads are in the gutter. Where they shall happily stay

  3. Point of Order

    Get over it lads. It’s ok that sometimes there will be men. Just men. And sometimes there will be women. Just women. And sometimes there will be both. Last week, The Guardian was praising the fact that ‘women-only’ clubs were on the rise as well as ‘women-only’ work spaces. Can they not see the irony in praising the very thing they tried to eliminate with men?

  4. bisted

    …ah…all those great FF women of the past…Coughlan, Hanafan, Mammie O’Rourke…shall we never see their likes again…

  5. newsjustin

    One of two things happened here:

    a) Despite FF knowing twould be a good idea to have some more women candidates in this particular field, they couldn’t muster any at all, so they just had to get on with it and hope the criticism wasn’t too bad
    b) FF, including these fellas and all their supporters, hate women and conspired to ensure no woman could get on the ballot in this field, lest they sully the party with their womanhood.

    I’m inclined to go with a). Despite what many lonely young-fellas would wish, women cannot just be materialised from thin air and put on the ballot.

  6. Rugbyfan

    bit like the daily line up on RTE Radio One
    9am – Ryan tubridy
    10am – Sean O’Rourke
    12 Ronan Collins
    1 News
    1.45 Joe Duffy
    3 Ray Darcy
    5 News.
    Men all day, every day. EUR160 well spent!

  7. Bertie Blenkinsop

    They look like lads that were thumping the head off each other at the hurling yesterday.

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