38 thoughts on “Last Days Of May

  1. eoin

    A martyr to the last, she’ll host Donald Trump (and his entire family, it seems) on 3 June and won’t foist that disgustington on her successor.

      1. Mickey Twopints

        My point is that Paddy Power shares were down in early trading. Too complex for you?

  2. Charger Salmons

    Nigel Farage claims the scalp of a second Tory Prime Minister.
    No-deal Brexit is on its way.
    Pip pip !
    I say,what ?

      1. ReproBertie

        Farage – I regret not taking part in the D-Day landings
        Also Farage – I can’t leave the battle bus because milkshakes.

    1. ReproBertie

      If the Conservative and Unionist Party vote the tea boy as their next leader they deserve everything they get. He’s already quit one job due to his utter failure to deliver Sasamach so why anyone would take him seriously is beyond me.

      1. Mickey Twopints

        It’s got to the stage where my dark side actually wants to see him in the job, just to observe the inevitable crash and burn which will follow as certainly as night follows day.

          1. Mickey Twopints

            It would be, if it had happened. At the moment it’s just a dark fantasy which I have absolutely no desire to see realised.

            Not out of any concern for Mr. Johnson, you understand. It’s more that many of the fine people living next door really don’t deserve to have him inflicted on them.

  3. rotide

    I feel some sympathy for May. She didn’t support brexit but did what she could to try and deliver a halfway sane version.

    She has consistently tried to do the best for the country but ultimately was brought down by idealogues as bad as any you night see on these pages

    1. millie st murderlark

      Have to agree with you there. She was doing a job that was literally impossible to do.

    2. Mickey Twopints

      No high regard for her, but at the same tiime I feel she must be given credit for doing what I would consider her honest best to square an impossible circle.

    3. GiggidyGoo

      The cowardly Cameron high tailed it and left May in charge of pushing through the will of the people. She has to be admired for not shirking from it in the face of such pressure.
      But Boris? The circuit comedian as a Prime Minister? Joke of the century.

      1. martco

        Ye’re all gas

        have ye forgotten SHE fupped the whole show up for herself because of her really smart big headed move to call a GE…& has spent the last year at everyone else’s expense trying to retrieve the situation & survive? She has a lot to answer for.

        Don’t let the shoes fool you, she’s as about a cold hearted wagon Tory as they come

        1. realPolithicks

          This. Woebetide thinks its virtuous that she pushed a policy that she didn’t believe to the point where the whole country is being destroyed by the mindlessness of it all. She has consistantly put the needs of her party before anything else and will be seen by history as an absolute disaster as prime minister. Her best bet is that she is succeded by a clown like boris who will probably make her look like a genius by comparision.

  4. Stephen

    What the feck happens now, I think she did a reasonably enough job with what she was given, you can shine a lump of turd but it is still a lump of turd, can’t imagine who would want the job of shining that turd now either.

    Link says BBC but goes to the Guardian, are those liberals sneakily robbing news links hehe

  5. eoin

    She was an awful home secretary, who can forget her “hostile environment” policy towards so-called foreigners which led to the Windrush scandal when natives of the Caribbean who’d been in the UK for decades were deported. She was playing to the right-wing xenophobes in her own party of course and trying to attract the Farage voters, but it was just ugly and ultimately, self-defeating.

    She steadfastly refused to hold an inquiry into the death of a Russian, killed with a deadly radioactive poison in London in 2006, until the distraught widow brought May through the courts and won a public inquiry. In the aftermath of the Litvinenko killing, Theresa handed out visas like confetti to rich Russians with €1m+, including allies of Vladimir Putin. Theresa created a corrupt bolthole for Russian and other dodgy money in the UK, and even in the aftermath of the Salisbury attack last year, she still won’t refuse Russian money.

    In fact, she won’t refuse any money from any source and bends over backwards to sell military equipment, bombs and aircraft to Saudi Arabia which goes on to massacre thousands in Yemen.

    She seized €10bn of Gadaffi funds which were held in London and even though that country is returning to medieval times and desperately needs aid, she refuses to release that money. Instead, British oil companies are making out like bandits in the south of Libya.

    Since becoming PM, she’s overseen one disastrous move after another and she can’t blame it all on Brexit. It was HER decision to hold a general election in 2017, her decision to enter into a €2bn pact with the DUP, her decisions which have further impoverished the health service and created a housing crisis which is on a similar scale to ours. Her policies have been strangely in tune with the investment aims of the business in which her husband is a senior exec.

    So, farewell you old witch, you wannabe Thatcher, you divisive, grubby xenophobe.

      1. eoin

        I’d forgotten about that, but in general, seriously, for those today lamenting today the passing of a “resilient” female prime minister who “was handed a poison chalice”, just look at her record as home secretary, she was awful, and during her term as PM, in those few matters in which he could exercise choice, her choices were bad. Good riddance.

  6. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    The worst of the worst of politicians
    – Windrush
    – DUP Payoff
    – Handy gigs and jobs for Boys aka pals of her husband’s
    – Rotherham,the missing Geoff Dickens Report and other Westminster paedophile/ child sex abuse cover-ups
    – Her dancing
    – Arms deals to bad regimes and dictatorships
    – Her big bauble’ly jewellery
    – The BrexSh1t shambles that in fairness she inherited
    – Karen Bradley

    And all that’s fairly recent carryon

    Yet what she’ll be remembered mainly for is how she held on and kept fighting back
    And for taking out Gove and putting manners on him and Loathsome Leadsom

    You can’t deny she put up one hell of fight to stay in No 10 this long
    She’d bigger balls, and more staying power than anyone else in the Conservatives
    And a fair whelp of the Labour party too

    Effin’ Cameron and jolly posh boys did this to the Tories and to the UK
    I wonder how many lads are pointing at them this afternoon and taking aim with a milkshake

    1. eoin

      Sorry V, I can’t see any good in the woman. The only reason she survived as Tory leader for three years was, the alternatives are binary on Brexit, mostly pro-Brexit and the Tories weren’t courageous enough to make the binary choice so they kept the pro-Remain Theresa May where she was to sort out Brexit. What decision did she make in the past three years which was sound?

      And, as a home secretary when she wasn’t under huge pressure, she made some mean-spirited and frankly hateful decisions.

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Ah Jaysus Eoin
        I wasn’t going to buy her a pint
        Or sign her going away card

        Her reaction to Grenfell is enough for me to wish her good riddance

        I’m only saying she’ll be remembered for being a tough fighter who hung on against all odds
        Her survival
        Not for her actual record

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