How Green Was My Tally


Last night.

Cork City Hall.

Dan Boyle is elected to Cork City Council for Cork South Central and will be among four Green Party councillors in the chamber.

Dan said:

“The Greens have been involved with more on the ground campaigning. We have taken an inclusive approach to social media and the mainstream media and we are making people aware of wider social issues and there have been some very positive engagements.

In terms of people engaging with environmental issues, I would describe it as the ‘David Attenborough effect’ and more young people are coming out to vote.

“I will be seeking meetings with the other parties and groupings to discuss the possibility of a civic charter and vision for Cork over the next five years. The shape of Cork should be a constant conversation.”

Dan Boyle returns to City Hall on the Green wave (EchoLive)

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30 thoughts on “How Green Was My Tally

    1. Rob_G

      Also, just when I thought that Bodger was all out of ‘tally’ puns – wham! – he comes through with a doozy.

  1. Andrew

    Congratulations Dan.
    I have to say though, this Green ‘surge’ is being overstated a tad by our lazy media don’t you think? What are they on- 6% ?
    All the parties in unison saying that the environment was number one issue on the doorsteps. I don’t believe that for one second.

  2. rotide

    fair play Dan, looking forward to the insider columns!

    Also, this is the best headline yet this election season. Have a celebratory lilt and bounty Bodger!

  3. bisted

    …good man Dan…to get dumped despite the green surge in 2007 was quite unfortunate…to be dumped during another green surge would have been downright careless…

  4. eoin

    Congrats Dan, and in your success, I hope you recognise the major role the weekly putting-you-right on Broadsheet played in honing your prospects.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    Fair play to you Dan! Delighted for you!

    Fingers crossed for Grace O’Sullivan today!

  6. martco

    congrats Dan

    now please please do not get straight into bed with FFG/LAB under any circumstances

  7. Paulus

    There’s encouragement here for the Greens
    But what if they go to extremes
    and try something drastic
    to part us from plastic:
    will we still support-them and their dreams?

  8. scottser

    fair play dan
    i have a little planning application i’d like you to look at for me..

  9. realPolithicks

    Well done Dan, don’t forget to tell your colleagues to beware of ffg bearing gifts!

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