One thought on “Great Pains

  1. eoin

    They’ve raised the cover price by 15% to €3.35 which is cheeky given their paid-for circulation has only declined by 9%.Some nice little tidbits in this issue, mostly informed speculation, but still, it’s a genuine additional leg to Ireland’s media plurality.

    Phoenix claims the mooted printing contract between INM and the Irish Times won’t now proceed.
    Previously, in a bid to save costs, INM had been in advanced talks with the Irish Times about a deal whereby INM would close down its own printing works in Citywest and engage the IT to do the printing for it. The Phoenix claims the *proposed* new owner of INM, Mediahuis isn’t keen on its main rival doing its printing.
    I wonder will this concern about rivals being a vital part of your supply chain extend to other press companies in Ireland. INM’s Newspread, for example, is doing most papers’ distribution to the shops etc. I wonder will that state of affairs continue indefinitely….

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