17 thoughts on “Stout And Proud

  1. Pip

    Not the front gate, though.
    The one in the lane, one way onto James St before the main gate, same side.

  2. Roger Opinions

    I love corporations. The ones based in Ireland and not owned by Irish people are the coolest.

    Can I promote them more? Are they selling wristbands?

  3. SOQ

    I find the difference between how the male team sports approach ‘the gay’ quite interesting.

    Rugby = ‘whatever’ (relatively speaking)
    GAA = ‘fine but keep your mouth shut in public’
    Soccer = ‘closet or go do something else’

    ‘It is nobody else’s business’ was never said to a person of heterosexual incline. Is there any who have top table gay players? Current not past I mean and genuine question.

  4. Cú Chulainn

    Isn’t that the place that didn’t employ a catholic in a managerial position till the 1970’s.. or was it the 1980’s..?

    1. SOQ

      Sounds a bit like Queens University in Belfast before Mary McAleese arrived in her wonder woman gear.

    2. scottser

      No, that’s bushmills. Guinness was always known to give jobs to lads who had served in the defence forces.

      1. Johnny

        -I would not have a clue Cian,it’s been a while since I drank pints(too many calories)more cup herbal tea and a joint type.He has a place in Hamptons,does his strength training at same gym,I’m not a star f**ker at all,but he’s a decent,nice and very down earth chap-shockingly normal and super fit:)

  5. Ben Redmond

    Corporate America cashed in on the ‘pink dollar’ twenty years ago. Corporate Ireland has been luring rainbow business for five years at least. It’s nothing to do with ‘equality’ – it’s more cash flow.

    1. Ian-O

      Nothing to do with being ‘cool’, if homophobic klansmen where the majority market here then there would be lots of white hoods hanging off the gates instead.

      Its all about the money, nothing more.

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