36 thoughts on “This Used To Be My Playground

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    would’ve been class if they did a bowling alley and quasar there. nothing like that in the city, ya have to go to the suburbs for any non-drinky fun. And it’s huge, you’d still have room for some apartments and maybe a lil green area. offices are no good if the workers have nowhere to live .. or play bowling and quasar.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar but I'm trying to stop

      get out of here with your logical town planning

    2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Would also be class if there was a nightclub here.
      Theo still likes to go like this *goes like this* from time to time.
      I have ringing in my ears yet from a night with the Fall here in 2010.
      Ri Ra is the only show left in town.. its probably next.

    3. martco

      apartments…and maybe even some of them larger than a laptop? that actual people could live in? aah you’re crazy man

    4. Cian

      There are a few escape rooms in the city centre. There is also an escape boat in Grand Canal Dock – if you’re looking for some non-drinky fun.

        1. Cian

          The Escape Boat is brilliant – but not for a first escape room experience – it’s too good for that.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        ah we need way more. escape rooms only get thru a few people really. if we had a big bowling place, with quasar n stuff, it would take in lots of people at once. would be a great thing to have, to meet someone ya have to go for a beer or drag urself out to the suburbs. it’ll never happen tho, too much money in making hotels and luxury apartments. its allthe city is made up of. it’s making it such a dry, featureless tourist land, with nothing but food and drink on offer.

    1. Cloud

      Sounds like you were going at the wrong time because I had hundreds of famous nights there and there was always a great atmosphere.

  2. daz

    Is that what used to be the Chocolate Bar, and the PoD next door? That PoD was the best place in Dublin in the mid-Nineties. Finally felt like we were coming of age.

    1. shortforbob

      The same. It has many names over the years, and different uses, it was a railway station, a winemerchant’s vaults, and for many years a music venue.

      POD (Place of Dance) was and still is an event group. They started Electric Picnic, and later were reduced to a one third share of it, not sure if they have any stake in the event any more but they do still run the Forbidden Fruit and Metropolis festivals.

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I puked a lemon cocktail up outside dem doors in broad daylight after a 2 fer 1 cocktail spree. A singapore sling, if memory serves me correctly.
    Happier times.

        1. Mickey Twopints

          You know that thing where the person next to you is throwing up and you can feel the reflex building?

          That thing.

          That’s what I’m getting this very minute.

          1. Mickey Twopints

            Really? That’s a terrible affliction.
            Maybe you should go and have a nice lie down for yourself.

  4. Peter

    I was at some fantastic gigs in Tripod, although it wasn’t a perfect venue. The big bar at the back is not a band friendly choice. Unless you were a loud band you were unfortunately drowned out with big bar chatter.

    LCD Soundsystem, Skatalites, Chic, Pavement, Julian Cope, Pharaoh Sanders — all brilliant nights. The Village was good too, saw a fledgling Villagers there many years ago.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      A memory came into my head when I read that. I saw Michael Franti there a good few years ago. I just looked it up. 2006! Ha. Jayz, he was a ride.

  5. Mike

    John was way ahead of his time, he took risks and was starting to do well with All together now festival, gone too soon, Dublin turning into a big office block

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