Yankee Go Home


Protests in 1970 outside the America Embassy, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 during the visit to Ireland of US president Richard Nixon. Via RTÉ Archives


Protests in Dublin city against US President Ronald Reagan’s visit to Ireland in 1984

From left: Pat Rabbitte, Ivan Bacik, Proinsias De Rossa and Peter Cassells outside the GPO during a protest against President George W Bush’s visit to Ireland in 2004

Richard Boyd Barrett (left) in 2004 and yesterday (right) opposing the visit by US President Donald Trump to Ireland this week

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Thanks Spaghetti Hoop

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7 thoughts on “Yankee Go Home

    1. RuilleBuille

      Corbyn has always said he would meet Trump to confront him about his lunatic views. But wouldn’t attend a dinner to ‘honour’ him.

  1. Truth in the News

    Trump is here as Tourist visiting his upmarket Doonbeg Investment, there should be
    no fuss made of him and if he wants to make a formal official state visit, he should
    be afforded one as such, but confronted on his policy objectives with an address to
    the Oireachtas and then formally tackled head on, we’d see then who would be ranting
    about fake news

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