Whiplash Away


Last night.

Prime Time on RTÉ.

Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell.

Some neck.

The Prime Time programme follows reports about Mr Farrell’s case by Gary Meneely in The Irish Sun last July.

Judge shown snap of Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell up ladder with poster of himself before he brands his €15k prang injury case ‘unusual’ (Gary Meneely, The Irish Sun, July 10, 2018)

Driver of rented van that rolled into Alan ­Farrell’s Audi says Fine Gael TD was in ‘a rage’ after the accident (Gary Meneely, The Irish Sun, July 10, 2018)

Photographs presented in Alan Farrell’s injuries compo case showed damage to his car which happened after Fine Gael TD’s whiplash accident (Gary Meneely, The Irish Sun, July 16, 2018)

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15 thoughts on “Whiplash Away

  1. eoin

    Fair play RTE, that doorstep (on the street) by an RTE presenter and camera crew was unexpected. That footage of Alan Farrell in his suit and dark glasses remaining stony silent when being asked fairly basic questions by the national broadcaster was really something.

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    relentlessly pursuing a regular member of the public for as much money as he can for absolutely no damage done. how can people want him to represent them? this country is full of selfish fools. no doubt the people who vote for him did so because he ‘looked after them’

  3. Mezcal

    Maria bailey: Corrupt
    Josepha Madigan: Corrupt
    Alan Farrell: Corrupt
    Who’s next?

    1. deluded

      No that’s it.
      Well to be fair if Maria was humiliated, for instance, then she would have grounds to sue.
      Actually who knows how she was slighted?
      Maybe she should have continued.
      What did Josepha do? Get someone to file some paperwork? Who knows, maybe she took it in good faith whatever Maria told her and Maria looks dodgy for how she handled it,
      but it took away attention from straight-up crooks getting elected (she wasn’t a candidate in this election).
      I dunno about yer man Farrell, is there grounds for a prosecution here?
      Anyway, a few rotten apples is no harm, as they say.

  4. Ron

    Political sillies.. untouchable and the electorate are the real culprits for allowing it.. But hey, people got angry on Facebook so that’s ok.. ffs

  5. Paul Toner

    Mr Spider Man is to blame. An undercover far right spider sent out by Gemma O’Doherty and her Loonies……………

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