Behold: the G43 Toyota Land Cruiser – a fully upgraded version of the 1971 FJ43 by specialist US Land Cruiser re-engineers, The FJ Company.

Starting with an original FJ43 chassis stripped down to bare metal, G43s are fitted with a robust new leather interior (including bench seats), modern electronics, lifted suspension, heavy duty tyres, front winch, upgraded grille and a 4.0 litre Toyota V8 engine.

Price and specs on application.


7 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. missred

    I went out with a French fella who had one of the old Land Rovers, no comfy seats in the back for ridin’, though

      1. missred

        Ain’t it? There was a lot of jigging about, mostly due to it being a rickety old thing that threw you around as he drove it. Not the kind of jiggery-pokery I desired. That was later on

          1. missred

            I do sound like I’m describing a play, don’t I?

            Started driving down the coast, stopped for a beer. Home again.
            There wasn’t much occurring in the privacy of my student house, largely down to the poor fella’s nervousness. I soon coaxed him out of that. No Land Rover required.

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