Undisputed Lightweight Boxing Champion of the World Katie Taylor asks during a press conference (with her manager Brian Peters, top) if Sports Minister Shane Ross – a lurking, photo-hungry presence at her arrival at Dublin Airport on Tuesday – is still behind her.

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59 thoughts on “Shaneless

    1. martco

      Ross is a serious bad pox with top three hardest neck in Top Trumps

      he’d literally say mass to get a vote

  1. newsjustin

    They’re a different breed, politicians. The way they are almost always looking for the photo-op. Regardless of party, from the top to the very bottom, always looking for the camera.

        1. Mickey Twopints

          One for everyone in the audience, I’d say.

          Yes, I’d definitely say that.

    1. newsjustin

      To quote quote Repro (I think) from recent days…Where did she say that?

      Also, and most importantly, so what?

        1. newsjustin

          Right. Not to be a pedant, but it says Oscar Wilde was baptised in that church (building), was he against gay marriage too?

          The Catholic Church is also against gay marriage and abortion, yet a lot of catholics voted to permit these things.

          I guess my point is, has she ever stated her position on these things? And if she has, why is it important that journalists ask her why she may hold certain positions on these issues?

          1. Joan

            When Wilde was baptised in that church it wasn’t pentecostal, it was Church of Ireland. Irish sports journos are cowards, they wouldn’t ask Katie why she goes to a church were the sermons condemn gay and lesbian people to hellfire. It’s important because Katie was in receipt of a lot of taxpayers money and I (and many others) don’t want to see our tax euros funding a bigot. Katie’s not popular in the LGBT community.

          2. newsjustin

            “Katie’s not popular in the LGBT community.”


            You think anyone in receipt of sports grants needs to checked to ensure they conform to ways of thinking that were only reflected in Irish law in the last 3-4 years, and prior to that were opposed in Irish law?

          3. Lilly

            Really? I used to work with a lesbian from Bray who’s a big fan. She thinks Katie herself is gay but in denial.

    2. Rob_G

      Perhaps we should ask her for her opinions on expansionist monetary policy, or on the meaning of art in the age of mechanical reproduction while we’re at it?

    3. rotide

      There’s always one

      Joan, Can we ask you on your opinions about the use of 12 oz gloves while in camp training for a title fight?

      Oh wait, thats right no one cares what you think about that. Maybe you shouldn’t give a toss what Katie thinks about the gays either.

  2. ReproBertie

    Could you maybe change “Boxer Katie Taylor” to “Undisputed Lightweight Champion of the World Katie Taylor”. That’s not a title that comes round often. She’s only the 7th person in the world to capture all four belts.

    Coincidentally Claressa Shields, the American middleweight who also won Olympic gold in London 2012, unified her belts in April of this year.

  3. eoin

    [Bodger, I won’t blame you if you delete this…..]

    Did anyone ask Katie Taylor if her position on boxing in Ireland has changed since last May 2018?
    You’ll recall reports at the time, for example in the Indo linked below, of her manager Brian Peters, who was quoted as saying “We had talks recently with the powers that be and they advised us that the climate is not conducive to having a fight night…It’s very tricky, really, to get into it. We still hope to fight here. But if you want to run a show; there are the sanctioning bodies, the Gardai; there are a whole load of boxes you have to tick”

    Now, while Brian wasn’t explicit about who he meant by “we”, it would be reasonable to assume a manager would only make such an important statement after consulting with the talent.

    The Independent went on to report “It is believed that there are security reasons as well as insurance issues involved in staging a high profile professional show in Dublin at the moment in the wake of the shooting in the Regency Hotel in 2016 [more than two years previously] during a boxing weigh-in and another shooting incident outside the National Stadium during an amateur championship in January.”


    Can you imagine, Mick McCarthy or James McClean coming out to say “we’re not going to hold any more Republic of Ireland soccer internationals in Ireland because of significant security concerns”. There’d be outrage at the suggestion our country was so dangerous. And yet, we all pretend it’s grand. Well, it’s not and this might be a good week for our brave media to headline it “Ireland is too dangerous for major boxing events”

        1. kellMA

          Although with John Delaney (gangstas paradise) off the side of the pitch they have probably lost interest….

    1. ReproBertie

      Are you kidding me with this?

      Katie Taylor has never said it was not safe to box here. Katie Taylor’s manager said “the powers that be … advised us that the climate is not conducive to having a fight night”. That was not Katie’s position. That was not Katie’s manager’s position. That was, clearly, the position of “the powers that be” who were later listed as including the sanctioning bodies and the gardaí.

      eoin is, once again, falsely representing this as Katie’s position while I sit on the bold step for calling him on it.

        1. kellMA

          And here was me thinking the fight was in the ring…. The real fight is here on broadsheet between Eoin and ReproBertie

    2. rotide

      Are you actually having a laugh?

      She didn’t say anything about security concerns, her manager didn’t say anything about security concerns, a newspaper did.

      Even if there is actual security concerns about promoting a fight here (and you haven’t come close to proving there is apart from mudslinging and whataboutery), WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH KATIE BLOODY TAYLOR.

      You’ve already proved you haven’t a fiddlers what you’re talking about when it comes to the rules or scoring of boxing and now you keep bringing this load of crap up for no apparent reason.

          1. millie st murderlark

            You clearly are one of Frilly Keane’s alter egos (of which i am one also) and so I say welcome friend.

          2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            If you wouldn’t mind Mill hon’

            I’m done with laughing that off now
            Like I know you don’t mean anything malicious
            But those that had deliberate malicious intentions then – like late last summer
            Mostly Still do
            And it’s only recently become apparent that it wasn’t just here on this platform either

            As the expression go’s
            The haven’t gone away
            Same for you to Brudder

            Feel free to DM tho’

          3. millie st murderlark

            Oof. Sorry frill. Won’t happen again!

            I find the multiple account accusations terribly funny, but I don’t mean it as a jab at you, more poking fun at the people who like to make repeated accusations of that nature simply because they disagree with a pov.

            Sorry to hear that it’s still an issue for you. I had no idea it was so malicious. It’s downright creepy.

          4. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Ah no tis funny
            And rightly deserves to be mocked

            But these whole-time nutters don’t do fun
            Or mockery

            They’re thick
            But they’re extremists
            And they are determined to be either proved right
            Or cloud and obscure their efforts on behalf of …
            Or maybe just payback for a bloody nose

            It’s now spread to harassing and attempting to shame others now as well
            And I’m not having that

            ‘probably why your post/ my reply got scratched btw
            Too proVax ‘see

        1. johnny

          “Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s madly googling for anyone ever awarded a ‘7’ in the history of pro boxing.”-yeah try google failed editor duh !

          -oh just every boxer knocked down twice in a round,but carry on don’t let, the little things like say facts stop you haranguing people-what was that again about fiddlers and boxing……


          1. johnny

            -ok i try go really slowly for you failed editor-let me know which part your struggling with.

            your comment-link above:

            “Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s madly googling for anyone ever awarded a ‘7’ in the history of pro boxing.”

            EVERY boxer knocked down twice in same round gets a 7 (seven),yes every time it happens yes,every time, every boxer,would you like a list ?-link above.

            Did you mean say has Taylor ever gotten a 7 which as your the haha ‘expert’,would be like asking if she was knocked down twice in the same round…oh hold on no, no that’s not what you said at all,now is it, but you ‘meant’ that-duh!

            That doesn’t make any sense now does it…but carry on pontificating about boxing,who cares about the scoring FACTS-were you hit in the head a lot during your ahem boxing career-or are you just a big fan who doesn’t bother knowing the scoring or the rules…but like’s harangue others constantly,even when you are completely and absolutely wrong-what a F…hack.

          2. ReproBertie

            Actually Johnny a judge doesn’t have to give a 7 score for a second knock down. If the fighter is boxing well and moving forward and generally impressing the judges an 8 is sufficient.

          3. johnny

            -we can do this all day if you like-as a FYI she lives, trains in Connecticut, fights and is a resident of the USA these days-“i think she said for security reasons”-ok ok second part i made up:)

            Hit the canvas twice in a round you get a 7-its the rules!

            “If Fighter A knocks down Fighter B, the round is scored 10-8 to Fighter A. If there is a second knockdown, it is scored 10-7.”


          4. ReproBertie

            I’ve judged fights Johnny. You don’t have to give a seven. A boxer can even be knocked down and do enough to come back to a 10-9 or a 9-9. A boxer can also finish a round on eight without being knocked down.

          5. ReproBertie

            Well Johnny is right that you can score a 7 but he’s wrong that you have to (for example, Anthony Joshua was downed twice in the third by Ruiz Jr but all three judges scored the round 10-8) so I’d call it a draw

  4. newsjustin

    I must say, I sympathise with Katie Taylor. Getting flak on here about two things she never seems to have expressed an opinion on.

    Congrats Katie. Well done.

    1. Gentle Ben

      Gentle Ben feels only despair .

      I mean look at who she’s getting flak from!!!

      Is she still sleeping at night? I’d say so

  5. Lilly

    I had an interesting convo with a taxi driver this evening who said Katie’s father is basically on the run. And lots more stuff that I couldn’t post here lest Bodger get a boxing.

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