On A String And A Prayer


Top pic: from left,  Dominick Carlyle, Sadie Lysagt and Eoin Carroll in the North Bull Wall

Free Sunday?

Lauren Frier writes:

Kite fliers and spectators of all ages will experience a visual feast as the seventh annual Dublin Kite Festival soars into town on Sunday 9th June next on Dollymount Strand, North Bull Island, Clontarf.

Brought to you by Dublin City Council, this event offers free entertainment all day long and is the perfect way to spend a summer Sunday with family and friends.

Dublin Kite Festival

Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Save Poolbeg.

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8 thoughts on “On A String And A Prayer

  1. steve white

    Don’t go to DublinKite festival on Dollymount beach/bull island, its wayyyyyy overcrowded, queues are dreadful, the shuttle is one if those slow mini-trains, and you’ll be waiting 30 minutes+ plus to get it on the way back, it should be held over 2 days to spread the load.

      1. steve white

        while I was trying to remember “I asked them There are bike racks at the end of the Causeway close to the Interpretative Centre [totally overloaded] and we will be putting temporary bike racks on the beach, [lines of ropes pegged to the ground afair] close to the Life Guard station. Kathryn”

    1. Spud

      Weather was ace last year.
      Not looking so good this year… may reduce the numbers a bit.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Many politicians taking part. It is summer recess season so they need some practice.

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